If you are questioning to yourself why is my laptop so slow, you need to find out the cause. This is because will have an impact on your laptop’s performance. As a result, you will find it difficult to carry out important activities quickly. There may have several reasons in your mind. But is it really as you predicted? Therefore, you can see some of the reasons below. Who knows, one of them is the cause of the slow work of the laptop.

There is not Enough Memory

Memory storage may be the reason why laptops don’t work fast. It is possible if the RAM of the laptop is on the limit. Based on this problem, you need to add additional RAM. As we know, some programs use a lot of capacity. Moreover, software for video and photo editing. If they are too heavy, this will affect the speed of the laptop.

 Running too Many Programs at Once

The next reason why is my laptop so slow is running too many programs. For those who have bunch of works, you must be able to do multitasking. It means that you will run many programs at once. Using browser becomes one of those activities to do. You might be don’t realize if opening many tabs will affect your laptop’s performance. Based on this, you can minimalize it by closing the unimportant tabs. If you already done the activity on the tabs itself, you better close them up.

There are too Many Add-Ons

Besides bunch of programs, add-ons can be the reason why is my laptop so slow. Although existence helps us in a number of ways, we must also be smart in choosing. If the amount we install is too much, this does not help it instead makes the laptop slow. This will consume a lot of processing power. Especially those that display advertisements whenever you open the browser. This should not be allowed to happen if you do not want to interfere with the convenience of browsing. You can simply remove the extensions and toolbars you don’t need. This sounds simple, isn’t it?

The Damage of Hard Drive

The Damage of hard drive can be the next reason to be careful for. This is necessary because the hard drive has an important role for the laptop. Especially if it is used every day. Over time it will also be damaged just like humans who are too busy working. Two to three years is general use. But if you experience something like a slow laptop, this is likely if the hard drive fails. No need to be panic because you can scan and try to recover bad sectors. This will prevent the laptop from accessing dangerous areas for the hard drive. In addition, you can avoid things like throwing and dropping the laptop. This is because a hard impact will affect the hard drive. Therefore, treat your laptop well. But if you want to upgrade the drive, you can do it too.