5 Ways to Overcome a Slow Laptop You Can Do It Yourself

If in the past laptop were expensive and difficult to reach, now the majority of people have them because there are already many laptops at affordable prices. It’s just that, as is well known, there is a price, of course there is quality.

Cheap laptops will offer modest specifications and performance is not too prime. So the possibility of slowness can occur if the intensity of its use is every day. Slow laptop are often annoying, especially if your daily work relies on this device. Work will be hampered because browsing alone is difficult. We will still encounter this slow laptop problem.

1. Delete Trash in the Recycle Bin

Files that have been deleted will usually go to the recycle bin and this can slow down the performance of the laptop. Empty the recycle bin by removing all the temporary garbage.

2. Install Antivirus on laptop

Slow laptop can be caused by a virus. If you find a virus on your laptop, it should be treated immediately. In addition to slowing down, viruses can damage important data and files. Install a quality antivirus to prevent the laptop from viruses.

Always update the antivirus database regularly. Because it could be every day there will be a new virus that attacks the laptop. Antivirus will detect a virus so that it can avoid it.

3. Don’t Run Heavy Programs

Every laptop has different capabilities and capacities. Do not run programs that cannot be supported by a laptop whose specifications do not allow it.

4. Custom Virtual Memory

Virtual memory can help improve laptop performance, although its role is not as big as RAM. How to adjust the virtual memory by going to Control Panel-System and Security-System, then selecting Advanced system settings.

5. Increase RAM and Hard Drive Capacity

A slow laptop could be because the memory is too full because the performance is too heavy. This reduces the RAM capacity, so as a solution, you can add more RAM.

5 Ways to Choose a Good and Quality Gaming Laptop

The trend for gaming laptops is increasing. This is evident from the number of laptop manufacturers that present a series of gaming laptops with their own special names. In addition, more and more game tournaments are being held. The role of social media is also quite influential in increasing the importance of using laptops for gaming.


This phenomenon makes gaming laptops popular. In many online stores and retail specifically for laptops and computers, many are selling gaming laptops from various manufacturers with various variants. This number of variants will certainly make many people confused. Maybe including you. Therefore, so that you don’t go wrong in buying a gaming laptop, here Carisign presents 5 ways to choose a good and reliable gaming laptop.

1. Funds / Budget

Before buying, the most important way to choose a gaming laptop is to prepare the funds first. The funds to buy a gaming laptop are quite high. Generally from 10 million and above. Well, if you have an estimated fund of under 10 million, you should think about it first. If not save first. If you don’t have a problem with the funds to buy a gaming laptop, then you don’t need to pay attention to this point.

2. Pay attention to the VGA type on the laptop

The next tip is to pay attention to the VGA or graphics card used on a gaming laptop. For this point you should focus on VGA technology and on the VGA series. Don’t focus on VRAM or memory on VGA. Although VRAM for gaming is also important, VRAM has more influence on graphic designers than gaming

Next pay attention to the VGA series. Generally the first number is the serial numbering of the VGA generation. For example NVIDIA GeForce 920M. The number 9 is the VGA generation that was developed, meaning that the VGA is the 9th generation. The last two numbers, “20”, indicate some kind of performance score.

3. Processor Used

Processors that have integrated graphics, of course, can work alternately with the graphics card on the laptop. For example, for playing games, the graphics card works, but for the typing process, the graphics processor on the processor will work. This system will certainly make the laptop work more effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, choose a processor that has good performance and of course the processor is the latest generation. One thing to keep in mind is not to choose a laptop for gaming with a ULV type processor or a power-efficient processor because of course it will not be optimal.

4. RAM on Laptop

The average game today requires more RAM, at least 4GB of RAM. Generally good games require 8GB RAM specifications. For this reason, choose a laptop that has a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Thankfully, there are funds that prefer 16GB of RAM.

If funds are limited, you can buy 4GB RAM. But make sure there are …

Questioning Yourself Why is My Laptop so Slow? Check These Reasons

If you are questioning to yourself why is my laptop so slow, you need to find out the cause. This is because will have an impact on your laptop’s performance. As a result, you will find it difficult to carry out important activities quickly. There may have several reasons in your mind. But is it really as you predicted? Therefore, you can see some of the reasons below. Who knows, one of them is the cause of the slow work of the laptop.

There is not Enough Memory

Memory storage may be the reason why laptops don’t work fast. It is possible if the RAM of the laptop is on the limit. Based on this problem, you need to add additional RAM. As we know, some programs use a lot of capacity. Moreover, software for video and photo editing. If they are too heavy, this will affect the speed of the laptop.

 Running too Many Programs at Once

The next reason why is my laptop so slow is running too many programs. For those who have bunch of works, you must be able to do multitasking. It means that you will run many programs at once. Using browser becomes one of those activities to do. You might be don’t realize if opening many tabs will affect your laptop’s performance. Based on this, you can minimalize it by closing the unimportant tabs. If you already done the activity on the tabs itself, you better close them up.

There are too Many Add-Ons

Besides bunch of programs, add-ons can be the reason why is my laptop so slow. Although existence helps us in a number of ways, we must also be smart in choosing. If the amount we install is too much, this does not help it instead makes the laptop slow. This will consume a lot of processing power. Especially those that display advertisements whenever you open the browser. This should not be allowed to happen if you do not want to interfere with the convenience of browsing. You can simply remove the extensions and toolbars you don’t need. This sounds simple, isn’t it?

The Damage of Hard Drive

The Damage of hard drive can be the next reason to be careful for. This is necessary because the hard drive has an important role for the laptop. Especially if it is used every day. Over time it will also be damaged just like humans who are too busy working. Two to three years is general use. But if you experience something like a slow laptop, this is likely if the hard drive fails. No need to be panic because you can scan and try to recover bad sectors. This will prevent the laptop from accessing dangerous areas for the hard drive. In addition, you can avoid things like throwing and dropping the laptop. This is because a hard impact will affect the hard drive. …

Laptop and Computer News You Should Know

What do you want to know about computer news? The latest software, affordable price or just newest products you have dreamed about. But in fact, we still only can get the predictions from the IT experts before the announcement from the big companies, let’s say Apple or Acer. But computer sounds more old than PC or laptop even though it’s not far different when we talk about the capability. For further, you can see the newest stuffs from the companies you know below.

Newest Macbook Pro with Dust proof Keyboard

Macbook is not a strange product anymore even for people who don’t use it. Along with the competition between companies, Apple launches the newest Macbook Pro 2018. But do you know which one becomes the the most interesting from this product? It’s about the dust proof keyboard. If we take a look at our daily use, there are many problems we get in using computer or laptop. The damage of keyboard is one of the most annoying things we could ever have. So, the dusty proof keyboard from Macbook Pro 2018 becomes the good computer news for everyone. It can resist dust and debris which is beneficial to make our keyboard becomes more durable.

Dynamic Desktop Wallpaper on MacOS Mojave

Do you ever feel bored with your desktop display? The default monotonous wallpapers from the computer we buy are really unattractive. If you already waited for something innovative, there is one of the good computer news in here. The desktop wallpaper on MacOS Mojave will make your dream comes true. But if you want to get this enjoyable dynamic desktop wallpaper, you should upgrade your Mac into Mojave in this fall.There will be landscape pictures of desert with 16 different look according to the time day and night. It can make you are able to see very unique and attractive wallpaper on your desktop. This one of the good computer news is very useful for the Mac users.

The Best Personal Computer for Gaming

The last number of computer news is about the best Personal Computer for gaming. Slow responds and lagging become the reason why the gamers be careful in choosing a computer or laptop products. But if we expect a good gaming computer, we should also must accept how much the possible price. But don’t worry because computer news in here will help you to know a good product.

There are actually many products which have good performance. But Alienware Aurora R7 is one of the best you can buy. It’s not just a computer because you can get the whole menus according to your personalize based. Although it’s not cheap to get this Alienware Aurora R7, but you will get the best performance with 6-core Intel Core processor. Besides, the awesome features and high end GPU are very worth it to buy. You will feel the smooth performance and good design at …

Microsoft Windows News : The Latest Features  to Know

As the latest upgrade of Microsoft Windows 10, there are some aspects which show improvement. Previously, we have to familiar ourselves with the display look which are easier but confusing sometimes. Do you really think that the latest upgrade is useful for you? You should know Microsoft Windows news from some other new features in here. Since working with Microsoft, Windows 10 tries to improve what are needed by the users. There are two new features that you can find in the Microsoft Windows News below.

Free Tool of Whiteboard App

The number one of Microsoft Windows News comes from the whiteboard app. If you are business men or women, you have to deal with lots of works such as presenting ideas, right?. Normally, medium such as power point and old school white board really help us to explain what we want to show to the clients or partners. But it seems ineffective because you don’t do it in practically. For those who use Windows 10 devices, there is a new feature that may can help you in doing your business work. This is the number one of Microsoft Windows news you should know. Whiteboard app is designed with stylus that can make you easier to draw. If you use laptop or phone, you can use your mouse or finger to do some activities. Writing, importing pictures, draw, and adding sticky notes becomes easy to do.

New Features of Notepad in Redstone 5

The number two of Microsoft Windows news is from the new feature of Notepad. If you already familiar with this app on your phone, now you can get it also on your Microsoft Windows 10. It’s actually already available on Windows but the feature has no enough capability. According to the upgrade of Redstone 5 on Microsoft Windows 10, this notepad feature will be much better than before.

There are some plus that you can see in some activities such as replacing or finding the words you want to search. Zooming text and deleting the previous text with Ctrl+Backspace are the others advantages you will get. This is one of the Microsoft Windows news which may can make its user breath a sigh. It’s because in the new feature, you will open this app more quickly. The previous performance of notepad really requires large data especially when you have not enough memory space.

After seeing what are the new features in the Microsoft Windows news, you can conclude by yourself are they helpful or not for you as the Microsoft Windows users.

The Latest Apple News You Should Know

Which one makes you satisfy about the latest Apple products so far? Does it better or even decrease? But day by day Apple shows some its improvements. When you look at the mass media, there will be daily updates of the Apple news. Whether it relates to the Iphone, Ipad, or Macbook, the Apple news are always make everyone take a high hope. Maybe there are still some of latest news which you may don’t know yet. You can read the Apple news below which are out these days.

The Expectation of Five New Colors of Iphone

Before Apple officially releasing its new products, there must be some expectations come from the experts. The number one which becomes a surprising topic of the latest Apple news is the five new colors of Iphone. According to some electronic media, there will be blue, grey, orange, red, and white which are expected by Ming Chi Kuo in the newest Iphone. Besides, it says that the price is not far from the Iphone X with 6.5 inch OLED.

The Improvement of Apple Store in Some Aspect

Since the introduction of the App Store, it shows that there are already many applications which are useful for the Iphone users. The apps are not only for entertainment because it’s also beneficial for some other needs such as business and social. As the time goes by, Apple shows its seriousness with adding more  apps. The innovations can be useful for some activities like increasing health, watching shows, gaming and many more. This number two of Apple news will improve the users’ productivity.

The Disposal of  5G chip on Iphone from the Intel

The number three of Apple news you should not miss is about the disposal of 5G chip on Iphone from the Intel. In the next improvement, it seems like Apple will not join with Intel anymore because it has no chips for the Intel. It’s kind of pathetic for the Intel to stop producing processors for Apple. But then this company doesn’t give up by focusing more on improving its products to get back a trust from Apple.

Apple Restrains not to Release New Macs and Ipads this Summer

Macbook and Ipad are two products of the Apple which have already many fans across the globe. There are many of them who are waiting for what’s new on the inside of these two products. But hold on because Apple restrains not to release new Macs and Ipads this Summer. According to the document, the latest version of Ipads use OS 11 and macOS 10.13 for the Macs. It seems odd because the release of OS 12 is more expected this summer. So there is still weirdness if Apple refreshes to run the old software. This is the number four of Apple news which you should know.