Desktop Window Manager

Desktop Window Manager

When you shifted from Windows XP to Windows Vista or Windows 7, did you ever think what made this graphical evolution and how it’s been controlled? If you don’t know, then open your Task Manager and lookout for . Yes, this DWM (Desktop Windows Manager) process is controlling all the graphical effects including transparent windows, taskbar thumbnails, 3D effects and the well known Aero interface. The architecture of DWM has evolved from previous versions of Windows. Before sending the graphics to your graphics card, graphics are passed through an additional media integration layer. Media integration layer functionality is performed on graphics card in the newer powerful graphics cards.

Again, it’s a choice of the user to use process or not. However, in these times when much higher processing hardware is available, it is not recommended to disable . Why would I disable if it’s just taking 30-40 MB RAM out of 4 GB RAM installed in my laptop? Instead, I would like to enjoy the 3D effects and the Aero Interface provided by . The size occupied by Desktop Windows Manager in RAM is directly proportional to the number of windows currently opened.

If my justification is still not enough for you, then I won’t stop you from disabling it. If you go to the Task manager and end the process, it will restart again. So, you have to perform the following method which will permanently disable from running at the start-up. Again, I am not recommending you to lose the graphics for the sake of 30-40 MB which will not be of any use to you (in most cases).

1. Go to “Start” menu and click “Run”

2. Type here and click “OK”

3. In the list of services opened, select “Desktop Window Manager Session Manager”

4. Press the “Stop Service” button at the top

5. Restart your PC

The process is continuously running in the background. It will restart on its own even if you end this process from the task manager. Seeing this behavior of dwm, hackers have started to hide harmful processes in victim’s PC with the same name i.e. dwm. As told earlier, the normal process restarts when it’s forcefully. If the harmful process restarts after ending as well, then victim won’t become suspicious and that’s what the hackers need. Try to have an updated anti-virus to differentiate between a healthy and a malicious dwm process.…

Things To Think About When Buying A Computer

Things To Think About When Buying A Computer

One of the greatest things is to get a new computer. Whether it’s a laptop or a desktop, getting a new computer compares to almost nothing else. Plenty of people know the feeling of getting that new machine home, plugging it in, and firing it up.

Even if you use the same programs, and surf the same sights, they will seem fresh and new. Especially if it’s been a couple of years since you’ve purchased your most recent computer. Because technology increases so fast, after a year or two you’ll be absolutely amazed at how much faster and clearer everything seems.

But if you walk into any computer shop, you might be overwhelmed. There are so many different computers to choose from, so it can be difficult to find the one that you want. That’s why it’s good to get an idea of what you’re after before you step into the store.

First of all, think about the computer that you’re using now. What kinds of things do you like about it? For example, if you are always running out of space on your monitor, then getting a bigger monitor might be a good option. Measure the monitor that you have now, and try to decide what size would be optimal.

Another thing to consider is processor speed. Generally speaking, the higher the number that is listed as the processor speed (in gigahertz, or GHz) the faster your computer will be. This is a general rule, and it doesn’t apply in every situation.

Memory is also a consideration. The more memory your computer has, the more programs you can run at once, or the more robust programs you can use. If your current computer freezes or runs slowly when you open up too many programs, take note of how much memory you currently have.

And of course, the last decision you’ll need to get is whether to get a laptop, or a desktop. If you are the kind of person that likes to use your computer wherever you go, then obviously a laptop is the kind of computer you should get. However, if you have a laptop and it’s been ages since you’ve taken it anywhere, then you might consider getting a desktop.

One of the advantages of getting a desktop is that you’ll have much more room for expansion in terms of memory. You can be quite limited if you want to add memory to your laptop.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to figure out what you want, and go shopping. Have fun.…

3G Sim Card For Your Notebook Computer

3G Sim Card For Your Notebook Computer

A 3G SIM card for a notebook can be found almost anywhere. No matter if you get a free notebook computer, or if you pay for your own, these cards are essential for a number of reasons: they are mostly made for the iPhone and are great for global systems and mobile communications. The SIM card allows for multiple actions such as being able to roam between phone operators. If the SIM card is for free notebook computers that are hooked up to one network (such as a computer lab), then it can be used for the Internet or connecting with other networks. Free notebooks often have this card and they are usually low-priced.

SIM is short for, subscriber Identity module. This detachable card holds a lot of information. The user of this card can get their information from the card after switching handsets. One of the features of the card is that it is able to lock phones or notebooks. Some of the time, consumers who receive free notebooks from non-profit organizations or other agencies must call the subscriber and ask them to unlock the device. This is because the user of the free notebook must recoup the investment. This has to be done before the subscriber terminates the service. Most of the time, the lock can be removed. Some areas of the country sell 3G Sim Cards that are all unlocked such as India, Hong Kong or Pakistan. This is the total opposite in other countries such as Germany and Finland.

Most of these cards are manufactured in China and have special specifications. Most of their network systems include GSM and HSDPA. The SIM cards also allow for faster data transfer. Most wi-fi connections have slow connections which can be frustrating to the consumer. The SIM card (modem) will allow a user to transfer data up to 7.2Mbps. Most of the technical requirement for the laptop and/or computer is Windows 2000, Vista and XP. The card uses a power source of USB 5VDC and comes with an internal antenna and a LED light.

Most of these cards are actually plugged into the notebook through a USB port. They tend to be wireless and can make speedy connections to the Internet. The user will even be able to make calls from their laptop even if it is a free notebook computer. This is a great feature for those who travel a lot from city to city and who want speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. The user will only need to plug the modem straight into the USB port jack.…

Desktop Video Conference Solutions – Giving a Lift to Global Economy

Desktop Video Conference Solutions – Giving a Lift to Global Economy

In this high pace world, everybody needs a reliable communication network to be able to expand his/her trade circle. The web conference call providers are addressing this problem & using advance communication technology to help customers in the expansion of their business on a global sphere. The desktop video conference is one such invaluable communication technology that has played like a catalyst in increasing the market share of every business type.

These days, every small to large scale business house is seen using desktop video conference for having a real time communication with their business associates, delegates, employees & customers who are positioned in different parts of the world. The conference call providers are taking a lead in bringing this technological innovation at affordable price. A large number of business owners are subscribing to desktop video conferencing service so that they can share their confidential documents, business proposals, marketing strategies & annual sales report with multiple users. It even allows them to monitor the activity of all their employees in different branches. With this inexpensive & faster communication medium, the business owners are now able to initiate a dialogue whenever desired. It is really interesting that made on a laptop or desktop with a web cam facility & high speed internet connection is helping the business professionals to manage their business better.

The web conference call providers are offering two types of desktop video services to business organizations. They are known as the desktop audio & video conferencing call services. A desktop supplied with a microphone & sound card can make an audio conferencing call but a web cam will become necessary for being able to make video conference calls. However, both of these conferencing call services are truly interactive & make communication very smooth for companies. These real-time conferencing solutions have brought an increased business growth for most of them. And they ultimately lead the way to a strengthened global economy.

The desktop video conference call service providers are encouraging their customers to use wireless head phones & get an uninterrupted discussion with an improved call quality. The blue tooth technology will help install these headphones to the desktop used for making. More number of business houses is opting for this conference call technique to get non-stop trade discussion for hours.

The business organization of all sizes is appreciating the role of conference call providers who help them to save time & time & avoid taking business trips. They have made it easy for companies to communicate their business related information instantly & effectively. That’s why, every day, the user pool for this conferencing call service keeps on growing & helping companies to achieve their business objective in a more cost-effective manner.

The desktop video conferencing has brought a beautiful combination of technology & creativity. Here, participants will be able to see each other & they can even interact in a more personalized way. Large as well as small business houses have started to discover great business profits in these fully functional & cost-effective conference calls. The global business world has been benefited a lot with desktop video conferencing facility.…

How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard – 2 Really Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do

How to Replace a Laptop Keyboard – 2 Really Easy Steps That Anyone Can Do

Do you know how to replace a laptop keyboard? It is actually much easier than you may think. In this article, I’ll share with you the easy steps required to get the job done. They are based on several years experience fixing computers for three large organisations. I hope you find it useful.

Remove The Old Keyboard

The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the old keyboard.

You might be replacing it because none of the keys work or because one or two of them don’t work. Either way, these old keyboards are usually not of any use. By all means, keep it handy but personally I don’t recommend that.

To get to the old keyboard, you need to remove the access panel. Usually this is above the first row of keys and you should be able to see one or two grooves to help you. Either way, you still need a screwdriver most of the time. Yes, you may damage the panel slightly but that is nothing to worry about – just warn the person before you do it.

Once the panel is removed, the keyboard should easily come out. It is connected to the main board via a ribbon cable which is easily detached.

Put The New Keyboard In

Now that you have removed the old keyboard you will want to put the new one in.

The process is the same as before, only in reverse.

So, first, connect the ribbon cable. Secondly, lay the keyboard down in place. Third, put the access panel back on. It should click into place.

Some laptops use screws too. In these cases, you’ll need a small screwdriver. Most of the time though you will not need to put any screws back in.

Handy Tip

While you’re at it, I suggest you get rid of all the nasty stuff under your keyboard. Take a vacuum cleaner and carefully suck out any debris.…

Build Your Brand With Inbound Marketing and Promotional Gifts

Build Your Brand With Inbound Marketing and Promotional Gifts

In order for a person to understand how best to market their company, they must have a good handle on the difference between inbound marketing and outbound marketing. In general, the difference can be summed up by begging (outbound) vs. relationship-building (inbound). Most of the marketing techniques that have permeated the industry for decades, such as cold calling, trade show crawling and more fit into the outbound marketing category. The fact is, however, many people believe that it may be wiser to utilize inbound marketing techniques, as they tend to support the business longer than outbound techniques do.

The basic tenant of inbound marketing is that people find you, rather than you finding them. This may sound rather difficult to pull off, and it can indeed be. However, it builds a much more trustworthy relationship between client and business than radio and print ads do. Letting people find you instead of begging them to support you gives you the upper hand, and can be great for business.

In order for people to learn about and discover your business, you need to provide the adequate breeding grounds. These days, this translates to setting up the best online presence you’re capable of. Since most people get their information from the internet and websites like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important that your online presence is multidimensional. Blog posts, Facebook/Twitter accounts, a robust website; the possibilities are endless, and you can rest assured that, if you build it, they will come.

So much about inbound marketing is keeping people interested in your business. This is why it’s crucial to not only have a strong online presence, but one that is constantly in flux. People want to read news updates every few days, and they even want to be entertained. Some of the most savvy businesses have taken to Facebook in order to hold daily contests in which their “friends” need to post the correct answer to a question. Thinking about this methodically, holding a contest will make people interested in winning, and they can only win if they go to your page, which they will have to do every day in order to finally win that prize. It soon becomes obvious how useful this resource truly is.

So don’t get stuck in the past making cold calls. Inbound marketing is the wave of the future, and is a much more client-centric approach to advertising.

Back it all up with top quality incentives to follow you or ‘like’ your company Facebook page and your business will grow. Good inexpensive incentives are useful promotional products such as promotional pens, logo printed mugs, promotional mouse mats and other promotional desktop items.


ASUS M51A-B1 Notebook Overview

ASUS M51A-B1 Notebook Overview

The ASUS M51A-B1 notebook with its excellent features provides intense utility combined with great looks.

Product DescriptionIt is powered with the Intel core processor 2 Duo. It has in-built accessories like microphone, webcam, card reader and speakers. This M51 series comes with the new fusion surface design and incorporates standard hardware/software configuration such as the Intel Centrino2 Processor along with the Windows 7 operating system. It has in-built swivel type webcam, which works without wires. It is a high definition (HD) Notebook.

Technical SpecificationsThis laptop is has an integrated graphics processing chipset from Intel, known as 45 GM. The notebook has a memory size of 2 GB, which can be extended up to a maximum of 4 GB using its two memory slots provided. The memory type is PC2-6400 (DDR2-800). It has an integrated VGA card. The webcam is capable of taking 1.3 Mega Pixel photographs. The LAN port provided with this device can work at 10/100/1000 Mbps. The wireless LAN card (802.11a/g/m) is also provided. The Hard Drive has a capacity of 250 GB and has a revolution speed of 5400 rpm.

It has 4 USB ports and a PCI express card slot. One HDMI VGA video port is also present. Additionally, there is one eSATA port. This ASUS notebook has one IEEE 1394 port and is Bluetooth capable. High level security can be enabled with this laptops using the Fingerprint reader. The dimensions of the ASUS M51A-B1 are 36.5 x 26.9 x 2.8-4.0 cm (WxDxH). Its weighs about 6.6 lbs.

The GoodThis M51A series has a good specification and supports latest technology, enabling it to power even the most power-hungry and demanding applications. Online Conference is made hassle free with the swivel webcam, microphone and software provided with the device. Speakers are placed strategically on the front side of the notebook for better listening.

The BadThere aren’t any major negative points to point out in this product. However, despite a large number of features in-built in this notebook, it might not be the best device in the market.…

The Advantages of Using PC Desktops

The Advantages of Using PC Desktops

These days, computers have been very in demand and are being used in our daily transactions. May it be for work, student research or even purchasing, a computer has been a very helpful tool for us to utilize. And with every development, computers offer more benefits for us as time passes by.

However, there has always been a question among us whether to buy laptops or PC desktops. Many would choose laptops because of their portability while working the same way as desktops. However, getting a desktop computer has numerous benefits.

First of all, PC desktops can be more reliable than laptops. This is for the reason that desktops are being developed for a long time in the market. At the same time, the parts are big compared to laptops. Just imagine putting all the parts inside a system tower to compact laptops. Due to very minimal space, laptops are more prone to system crashes.

Next, PC desktops will not put a limit to the amount of work that you can do on them. If you need to work overnight, you may not be able to put your laptops on that kind of abuse as they can overheat and make the system crash again. You might just find yourself having your laptop fixed for doing overnight projects.

Using additional hardware on PC desktops is also not going to be a problem as they are capable enough of synchronizing all the information to its central processing unit, hard drive, and memory. You can also plug additional hardware to your laptop but just imagine your laptop working to synchronize a scanner, fax machine, printer, external monitor and others. It might wear out easily by having these attached to your system.

The next advantage is that since a desktop has many slots, you can add more upgrades and parts to it. For example, you can have two hard drives working as one using RAID configuration and controller. You can also add high end video cards and sound cards for enhanced gaming graphics output. You can even upgrade its memory by filling in all the memory slots for better performance. Upgrade is not going to be a problem with a desktop computer.

Lastly, you can customize your computer by using a different system tower on it. You can use a black tower or those that have colorful LED lights on it. This will definitely make your desktop look customized and will fit your personality.

These are only some of the advantage of getting PC desktops. You will surely have a reliable system that you can use for a very long time and upgrade when you need to with them.…

Why Organizations Use Promotional Gifts

Why Organizations Use Promotional Gifts

If you are sourcing a promotional item the terms promotional gift, business gift and corporate gift might cause confusion. Throw in corporate merchandise, executive gifts and many other terms such as corporate promotional gifts and it is easy to lose track of what you actually want. Are you looking for a unique corporate gift or maybe just a cheap advertising giveaway?

One of the more important things to remember is that your company image depends, in no small measure, on the quality of the products you are using as promotional gifts or corporate merchandise in your advertising mix.

The adage “You Never Get A Second Chance To Make A First Impression” is particularly apt when you are using promotional gifts whatever price bracket you are in. Whatever your preferred image, there are certainly promotional gifts to complement your company.

It could be that a desktop paperweight is appropriate for your campaign or perhaps a stunning full color image on a heat sensitive mug, the kind that suddenly bursts into glorious technicolor as the mug is filled with warm incredibly powerful promotional gift.

Most organizations invest a great deal of time and money on a company logo and a house style that is reflected in quality stationery, advertising literature, web site, visiting cards and vehicle livery. Using promotional gifts is simply an extension of that investment and today there is a huge choice of promotional possibilities in the marketing mix.

A most important benefit – and one that should never be forgotten – is that the gift in question will always leave a lasting impression for good or ill. Further, the impression will linger for a long time. So make sure that the impression of your business gift – as with your stationery, advertising literature, web site, visiting cards and vehicle livery – is 100% positive, because every time the gift is used your name and reputation are on the line.

For instance, at a corporate golf day you have a wonderful choice of promotional items. Almost everything you use, caps, polo shirts, sweaters, umbrellas and golf balls should be an effective promotional tool advertising your company and its products.

Your name, sales message and logo are, therefore, on view around the course and often your gift will be used at a later date, sometimes by a spectator at a golfing tournament, with TV cameras present and may be televised around the country.

So you should always remember that your promotional gift is a silent but effective salesperson for your company. So choose wisely for your gift will continue to project your company image for a number of years and, therefore, is an incredibly potent part of your overall marketing campaign.…

MacBook Laptop Carry Case – A Simple Guide While Purchasing

MacBook Laptop Carry Case – A Simple Guide While Purchasing

Owning a laptop in the current age is not a big deal. Roughly it is believed that every 3rd person in the world owns a laptop. Even when it has such aggressive demand, it’s not surprising to see how expensive they are. Considering how much they can carry in a small chip plus the fact that it makes our lives so much easier, it does not seem to be a bad investment after all. Today, we can find many popular laptop brands. One such is MacBook by Apple Inc. Apple Inc. is not known just for its trusted laptops, but MacBook laptop carry cases have become very famous too.

Due to their wide variety of colors, designs and durability these covers are in high demand and are available at very affordable prices. Many manufacturers have tried to market similar covers but they did not result in same customer satisfaction as in case of MacBook cases.

Due to the wide variety and their durability and texture, they are in a great demand. However, one must keep several points in mind while purchasing the case, such as their budget, exact requirements, overall usage and other environmental hazards their laptop could face. Only after considering these points, the decision should be made on what should be purchased.

Some of their popular covers are Speck Clear SeeThru Cover, ColcaSac, Gelaskin Sticker, Iran Man Decal etc. – all of them ranging from $20 to $50. Some factors need to be considered before purchasing one of these. We would like to share some tips on how to find the right type of MacBook cover for yourself:

1. Exterior Texture – It is important that the cover you choose sustains the external dangers like humidity or dryness easily and thereby protect the body of the notebook. Crystal Case is usually preferred in such case.

2. Design – Presentation of your notebook speaks a lot to others and actually serves as a living example of how much you have actually spent on it. Thus a design of the case should be chosen carefully as it would define your personality.

3. The logo – Due to different types of creative covers, you may also get an option of having a cutout of Apple logo which is on the notebook. However it is purely one’s own choice.

4. Suitability – It is highly necessary the cover chosen not just matches with your laptop but also fits easily with the model. Some covers are exclusively made for certain MacBook models. We should not just go by looks of the case.

5. Outer Appearance – The type of case you would end up with will also depend on color you pick for your cover. Usually, people pick their favorite color for their case.

6. Budget – It is also important to keep your budget in mind. Like mentioned above, there is a wide price range available here. Ideally it is preferred not to go higher than the price range of $40.

7. Buying Location – It is always advisable to buy a MacBook case from an authorized dealer or directly from MacBook outlets. Purchasing from internet may not be a wise decision – it is necessary that you pick your favorite cover manually.

It is a good decision to buy a case that is not too expensive and also has a brand name attached to it. Therefore, it would be highly advisable to pick a MacBook laptop case that suits you and gives you the best.

All the Best!…

Gaming Desktops – Learning How to Choose the Best Gaming PC

Gaming Desktops – Learning How to Choose the Best Gaming PC

Although laptops are quickly replacing the PC in homes around the world, gaming desktops continue to dominate in the world of computing entertainment. One reason for this is the massive hardware that these high-performance machines require and occasional need for upgrading and expansion. Take, for instance, the Maingear Shift.

Its Extreme Edition has an abundantly powerful 3.3 GHz Intel i7-975 has been overclocked at 3.98 GHz, which could be due to a TB hard drive and two 80 GB solid-state drives. 6 GB of DDR3 expandable RAM help to optimize the three ATI Radeon 5870 graphics cards, which also have another GB of expandable DDR5. All of this makes for superior gaming, but the experience continues with fully optimized Blu-Ray viewing as well as DVDrw compatibility.

As the market leader, you’d expect everything to be up-to-date, so this 64-bit computer runs Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Finally, the Extreme Edition retails for around seven thousand and one hundred dollars, but you can get the basic model for as low as twenty two thousand dollars, though it won’t perform quite the same way.

The ‘Gamer Xtreme’ XE tower from Cyberpower is a perfect middle ground unit coming it around twenty nine thousand dollars. The 2.93 GHz Core i7-940 processor is overclocked at 3.6 GHz, making it plenty fast enough to compete online, but with a 1TB HDD, two 150 GB hard drives and 3 GB DDR expandable RAM you’ll have more than enough capacity for all your favorite MMORPG’s.

The two Nvidia GTX 295 graphics cards, however, allow you to do it in full resolution, taking advantage of the Blu-ray disc burner and the DVDrw drive.

This middle-ground computer is also overclocked from 2.93 GHz up to 3.6 GHz. The Core i7-940 processor is obviously plenty fast and it’s backed by two one hundred and fifty GB hard drives and three GB of DDR3 expandable memory as well.

The one TB HDD is slightly smaller than the previous entry but the two Nvidia GTX 295 graphics cards make up for it and service the Blu-Ray disc burner and DVDrw drives. Another 64-bit system, this desktop operates on Windows Vista Home Premium System.

For the more frugal gamer, the iBuypower Gamer Haf 9 SE desktop is priced at a very affordable 1100, the least expensive of all the gaming desktops on the market right now.

Even at this much lower price point, you still get a 2.66 GHz Intel i5-750 processor and 4 GB DDR expandable RAM. With the 80 GB solid-state drive and 1 TB hard drive, though, this computer is far from inferior. Two ATI Radeon HD 5870 graphics cards, each with 1 GB DDR5 expandable RAM easily support the BD-ROM/DVDrw drive, and the 64-bit system smoothly operates Windows 7 Home Premium.…

Make Your Home Beautiful With These Tips

Functional furniture arrangement and the use of a pleasing color scheme are very important elements of interior design for the home. You will find many ideas that you can use in your home right here in this article. Read through all of the information and find ideas to utilize in your home.

You should think about what mood you want to set in the room when you are planning on redecorating. Moods are as varied as, well, your moods. They can swing from bold to relaxed, and anywhere in between. If you pick a mood for your room, you will make the right choices when evaluating what a color makes you feel.

When you are putting together a home office make the most use of the space you have. It is vital to have good lighting and comfortable furniture in an office space. The priority is in making the space inviting to work in. This may include adding visual interest as well.

One tip for interior design is to incorporate interesting textures and patterns. Patterns and textures engage the eye and provide an excellent complement Remodeling for a smooth surface like glass or wood. If your design plan is contemporary, then patterns and texture are required to get the right look.

Consider the function of the room you intend to decorate. Ask yourself what type of traffic this room will get and what the room will be used for. Consider family and friends when thinking of the living room, but concentrate on your individual relationship with your significant other when designing a bedroom.

Now you have some tips to help you achieve your own interior design goals. You should not be upset that your home is not as good as you would like it to be, as now you have the knowledge to help bring your home more up to date with what you like. So get going on these changes, and make your home something you can be proud of!…

How to Decide Whether to Use a Laptop Or a Desktop

How to Decide Whether to Use a Laptop Or a Desktop

When we go out and look for a computer, we will be handed with lots of choices in terms of features and specifications. Although there are lots of choices for us, the usual question would be either a desktop computer or a laptop. There are things we should consider first before buying one. This might help us see if which of the two we really need.

First thing we need to do is to think of where we are going to use it. Obviously, when we are at home, a desktop computer is good to use. This is because the desktop cannot be moved around. When you place it on a table, it will stay there together with its processor and other peripherals. That is why it is called a ‘desktop’ as it stays at the desk.

On the other hand, the laptop has different functions. It can be used while moving around in one place to another. It does not have the large processor to go with it that is why you can take it even while traveling or in the car. It is a very practical one to purchase these days especially for students and workers who needs to take a computer with them.

If you have decided about the above options, you will also have to consider a few things more. One thing is the cost of the computer. Portable ones such as the laptop can cost more than the desktop. It is because laptops have a greater memory and features within just a single device. The desktop might carry a lot but it has a larger storage. If you can afford the laptop, then you should choose it because it is a good one for people who likes portables.

Another thing is to see if you can come up with the upgrading of the computers. Laptops are more difficult to upgrade and change features than that of the desktop. With the desktop, you can install and uninstall software without a great damage to the whole package. But with the laptop, single software uninstalled will have to result in changing all the features inside it. Also, in case the speakers are damaged in some cases, the whole computer would then have to be repaired. The repair can be very costly. If you have decided about that matter and see that you can go after it, and then choose the laptop.

Make sure than the specifications of a good laptop is met. Everything from the speakers, memory, batteries, and the drive slots are checked and are sure to be functioning well before purchasing it.

The battery is the most important thing for the laptop because you will be using it while being unplugged. Make sure that its life battery is longer.

That is how you decide whether to buy a desktop or a laptop.…

How To Choose Your Desktop Support Provider

How To Choose Your Desktop Support Provider

Outsourcing your desktop support tasks to an external service provider is certainly a logical business decision in these times of economic recession. Most desktop support providers try to deliver as flawless service as possible to their clients, but undoubtedly, their capabilities vary. That’s why it is essential to screen your prospective service providers before handing over the service contract to them. Here is how you can verify whether your chosen organisation is the right one for you.

1. Ask about qualifications of support staff: When you are approaching a service provider organisation, be sure to inquire about the qualifications of the members of their support teams. In order to be able to provide the best possible service, these organisations must have personnel with sufficient technical qualification. Do not be embarrassed to ask this directly. If they are being defensive about this enquiry, reconsider hiring them at all.

2. Inquire about response time: Ask them how fast they will be able to attend to your problems. For example, a 4 hour response SLA means that they will respond to your problem within a time period of four hours, counted from the time you make the call for support.

3. Ask for a long term personal contact: Ask whether they will be able to spare at least one person to be a dedicated resource working on your systems. It is even better if that person is a senior employee. That way, you will always have someone at hand who knows everything about your systems, and who can also guide other junior employees when they work on your systems. This will ensure that problems get fixed faster, with minimum downtime.

4. Find out about outsourcing helpdesk / remote support services: Ask whether they have a helpdesk to attend to problems and they have industry standard software that can gain remote access to your servers and network. If the outsource provider has a good helpdesk with technically qualified employees, it will ensure that they can solve your problems from their offices. This will improve your business’ efficiency and save time as they will not have to send someone down to your business facilities every time a problem arises.

5. Do a background check: Always ask for references, and follow up on those leads. Ask the provider whether they have provided service to any major business organisation that is still operational. Visit the offices of that organisation or send someone over to verify the provider’s claims.…

Sell Tablet Notebook Computers Fast Online for Cash

Sell Tablet Notebook Computers Fast Online for Cash

Going out and buying a computer is something that most people get very excited about. There are so many fun and interesting choices out there, it’s hard not to enjoy the process. Far better than shopping for a new pair of jeans or sneakers, the average computer user would probably put off actually buying a computer as long as possible just to prolong the shopping stage if it weren’t for the inconvenience of being without a computer in the meantime. Today, not many people take the time or go to the trouble to fix an old computer, because replacing the parts really don’t increase the overall value of the machine. When all is taken into consideration, it just makes more sense to purchase a new computer at an economical price than fix an old machine that is already off the warranty. The big question then, is where will the extra funding come from to start from scratch and buy a new computer?

One great way to go about it is to simply get rid of your old computer. While it probably won’t sell to another direct user, it may be possible to sell Acer tablet notebook computers and other similar gadgets for cash. For those out there who like the new computers that turn, swivel and twist, there will always be a need for new and exciting electronics in their lives such as the Acer tablet notebook. As a machine with moving parts, often some of these parts can break or fall into disrepair when you are using the computer. Keep in mind that this will have happened to others too, and they will be keen to get replacement parts. When you sell Acer tablet notebook computers, even when damaged or broken, they can go to someone who actually is interested in fixing their machine rather than buying or selling. As such, you are passing on part of your computer to someone who can use it. The best part is that you get a cash reward for a job well done!

For those of us who are computer savvy ourselves, or at least know somebody who is, it can be easy to sell Acer tablet notebook parts for cash. For the rest of us, a computer with a function that is either completely broken or damaged is as good as gone, and completely worthless. The trick, however, is to sell the computer on to someone who can find the value in it. When you sell Acer tablet notebook computers using the internet in their entirety, someone else can check out the machine and diagnose exactly what needs fixing or replacing. Try taking the computer to a diagnostics store and you’ll see exactly how much it costs to do it yourself when selling parts, and be glad to have someone who is willing to buy when you are ready to sell Acer tablet notebook computers! For the very best way to make some bucks, recycle, put some money towards a new machine, and get old electronics junk off your hands, go online today and learn how to sell Acer tablet notebook computers fast!…

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