Having a scratched smartphone screen is as annoying as when your charger cable is damaged. This is certainly disturbing because we cannot use it comfortably. Maybe you are currently experiencing it and need a solution for phone screen scratch repair. Well, this must be fixed immediately because it affects the level of sensitivity of mobile phones with touch screens. If the screen is not as good as before, it will not automatically respond quickly when you press it. So, these are the items you should buy to solve this problem.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is the first ingredient that you have to prepare to repair a scratched phone screen. Maybe you never thought that this simple material can make a phone screen like new. It turns out the way is very easy to do alone at home. You only need to mix the two baking sodas and add water. If it already looks like paste, stick it to the scratched part. After a few moments, clean the area with a gently using soft fabric.


The second simple item that can deal with damage to a scratched phone screen is toothpaste. This turned out to be not only good for teeth but can make the phone screen back to new. But this is suitable for those who have a plastic phone screen. If you don’t know, toothpaste has abrasive properties. In general, the abrasive material serves to smooth, flatten, and even polish. What you have to do now is prepare toothpaste and cotton wool. After that, rub on the screen carefully. Can be circular or straight so that no scratches appear.

Baby Powder

Did you ever think that baby powder can be useful for phone screen scratch repair too? This is the other cheap and simple item that you can use. You might be already own it because of its softness and fragrance. Well, for how to clean the screen is not much different from when you are using baking soda. You should be able to make it like pasta first. Then stick to the scratched part until the scars disappear.

Oxide Polish

Let’s on move to a heavier material namely oxide polish. For those who have cell phones with glass screens, this is a suitable material. Surely this is stronger for removing scratches from previous materials. Generally, there are two types that you can buy, liquid or in powder form. But when we look at the price,  liquid polish is more expensive. Because of that, you can buy in powder form. You just need to make it like pasta and apply the same process as the previous point.

Screen Protector

Purchase a screen protector becomes the last solution to avoid phone screen scratch repair. But you have to make sure that the screen protector matches the brand of phone. It’s better to buy a good quality with expensive price. It’s because the cheapest one doesn’t give a clear guarantee. After installing it, this can minimize scratches or damage to the phone screen.