For smartphone addict, it must be very disturbed when the charger can’t be used. The iPhone is one of the products that often experiences this. But there must be the reasons why Iphone charger doesn’t work optimally. For those who knows nothing about smartphone, you might be end up frustrated. What must often be done is to replace the charger head. Yes, this can be an indication of why the charger is damaged. But there are still many problems that may be more serious. Here are some of the possibilities.

There is no Certificate from Apple

For those who do not have a lot of money, surely you choose a shortcut. So many people who then buy fake accessories. This means that the item you have purchased does not have a certificate directly from Apple. As a result, you will be able to experience this kind of problem. But you must know that not everything that is expensive is original. There are many ways to identify the original charger. Make sure that the lightning port cable is in good condition. Then you can check where does it produce. You should know that the original one is from California. It also has verification logo from the Iphone.

The Charger Port May be Dirty

What is also often experienced by many people is dirty charging port. This is indeed difficult to identify because it cannot be seen directly. Because of its very small size, this becomes difficult to reach. Well, if this really happens, you will experience difficulties. Therefore, always plan for prevention such as cleaning your smartphone regularly. Clean the port section gently can also use an open paper clip. In addition, back up your data to Icloud or a computer.

There is not Enough Connection

Connection becomes the next reason why that make your Iphone charger doesn’t work. If the charging cable and USB adapter don’t connect well, there will be a weak connection. Therefore, make sure that both of them are installed correctly. However, if you still find it doesn’t work, you can go to the outlet. Whether ask people who are experts on this or buy the new one, you need to check it.

The Power Adapter is Damaged

This is what smartphone users often do that is pulling the cable too strong. Although initially there was no problem, but if it takes a long time, it will be damaged. This even usually trampled by our feet or chairs. As a result, the cable will open and something might be cut off. Even if you cover it with tape, it won’t have an effect. It is better to buy a new and original one because the defective adapter needs to be replaced.

Software May Have Crashed In

There is still one more element that can make your Iphone charger doesn’t work. Maybe you are one of those who think that software is one of the causes. Yes, this can happen to your iPhone too. The software might crash when the screen turns off.  Re-booth becomes the alternative to solve this issue. But if this doesn’t affect at all, you need to take it to the Apple Store.