The development of the digital era, a lot of improvements from the phone. The screen is an element that is developing very fast. Now it becomes easier because we use touch screen. But it offers problem too like why is my phone screen black. This might has come across your mind for a long. Yes, this is a frequent screen problem that happens. This will automatically make us very panic. You should know that there might be the reasons why this problem appears on your phone. Here are the points to read.

Overpressure on the screen

Because it is too addictive, many people can’t t be separated from his phone. Even when they are going to sleep, they are obliged to see it first. No wonder then they forget to keep the phone away from them. As a result, it will be suppressed by their own body. Habit like this can be one of the causes if you ask why is my phone screen black. Overpressure or excessive pressure will damage the device. Especially if it’s about your mobile LCD. It is likely that it will be damage completely starting with the black line on the screen.

The Use of Certain Software

Software is the next reason why is my phone screen black. Whether you believe it or not, certain software can cause a black line on the screen. Especially if it has a large enough size. As an effect, it will create a disturbance regarding the screen. Usually it happens when you install the application. A black line will suddenly appear. For the solution, you need to uninstall the software. You can also install master clean or security on your mobile to make it safer.

Loose Connector

Disconnecting the connector becomes the next reason why is my phone screen black. This relates to how you take care of your own phone. It is possible if your mobile phone is hit by a hard object. But this is not your fault entirely because this could be from the manufacturer. They might do the installation incorrectly. But this one is rarely found. The manufacturers surely have followed the procedure well before distributing their products to consumers.

It Might be often Fall

Not far different from when it gets too heavy pressure, often falling down is also devastating. Whether you are aware or not in dropping your phone. The worst result of this is the LCD rupture. This is because it will attack the components inside. Moreover, your mobile is not a new type with a little protection. Tempered glass is one of the components offered in many places. If you don’t have this on your handphone, you need to be careful. It’s possible the mobile screen will have a black line. So, take care of your mobile like you take care of yourself. Even though you have a lot of money, buying a phone again and again will make you wasteful. It’s better to have one that has good quality and performance.