Windows 7 Desktop Gadgets Stopped Working? Think of Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleanerhelps you to customize your desktop with right selection of gadgets ensuring a smoother functioning of the same in Windows 7 platform. It not only makes the gadgets to function but also hastens their functionality by speeding up your system’s response.

The Usual Problems

· Your loaded desktop with much needed gadgets like weather update, clock, date, traffic, etc sometimes behave strangely as if the winter season goes rainy. A new useful gadget has been just downloaded by you from web and all of a sudden you find the windows 7 desktop gadgets begin to play with your patience without showing any applicability. They simply stop working.

· Next step by you to tackle this issue is possibly an attempt to restore the system to its default state. But does this help? I guess not. You then think of other ways of attacking this problem by uninstalling the new gadget and rebooting your system. Sometimes this might outwit as well.

· Other cases which highlight the malfunctioning of your windows 7 desktop gadgets is the disappearance of the gadgets after you used them for few days. Visiting the accessory options may not also solve the problem.

· If your system’s UAC (User Account Control) is disabled by any means then windows 7 desktop gadgets will not work if and only if they have been subjected to user control access.

How Registry Cleaner can solve these without any hassles?

· Your all configuration settings of system are remembered on the Windows registry which acts like a database. These settings govern the appearance of Window and its functionality. Those settings which are outdated or no longer wanted still occupy the place in registry.

· Our Registry Cleaner effectively meets the purpose of maintaining or cleaning of your registry that is never required again. It erases the corrupted registry and optimizes the working of your desktop gadgets.

· The Registry Cleaner software not only brings back the shine to your system’s configuration but also generates a trust factor on its excellent service to tackle this problem in particular.