Centralise and Automate Desktop Management With VMware’s Desktop Virtualisation

One thing you should always do when considering a new product is to question its purpose. If the product is for business, you want to know if it cuts costs and is easy to manage. You should also ask if it improves rather than complicates the day-to-day working life of end-users.

VMware is conscious of these challenges. But the company believes VMware View, its desktop virtualisation platform, provides positive, clear-cut answers.

Desktop Problem

VMware View meets a specific need. For many businesses, desktop management is an increasing problem. The days when staff turned up at work, sat down in front of desktops, and spent eight hours working on them are fading fast.

Instead, a business must be agile. It wants its staff to be mobile.

Wherever they are and on whatever device they have available, staff must be able to access business data and applications. Restricting these to office-bound desktops is no longer good business practice.

Businesses are working hard with IT departments and partners to give staff flexible access. But their efforts can be expensive. The technology and market research company, Forrester Research, calculates the average cost at three times the price of desktop hardware.

Central Management

VMware View’s solution is to virtualise your desktop’s operating system, data and applications. It separates these elements from your hardware and enables you to manage them from a central point.

This means you can control a private desktop cloud infrastructure. You can arrange for data and applications to be available to staff on a wide range of devices in multiple locations. All aspects of desktop management become simpler. System configurations, connections, standardisation and compliance are easier to achieve. You can even improve security.

Cut Costs

At the same time, you cut costs. Centralisation with VMware View makes the process of desktop infrastructure management cheaper. According to the IT research company IDC, VMware View can cut the total cost of ownership for desktop infrastructure by up to 50%.

End-User Satisfaction

What’s more, your staff benefit. They can access data and applications on any Internet-enabled device around the world. They gain the satisfaction of being able to use their own mobile phones, tablets and laptops at convenient times wherever they happen to be. And your company has the advantage of total staff mobility.

A Leading Solution

VMware View is the leading desktop virtualisation platform. It is also the only purpose-built solution to provide a secure managed service for desktops.