Five Promotional Gifts For Employees This Christmas

Christmas is a time for gift-giving. In the modern work place employers will often give Christmas gifts to their employees. Deciding what to give can be difficult, but there are some items that are universal and can be given to everyone. These gifts can even promote your business while blessing employees with a useful gift. Five of the most popular promotional gifts for employees this Christmas are business pens, inexpensive notepads, promotional stress balls, printed clothing and desk clocks featuring the name of the business or the logo.

Promotional Pens: Promotional pens are useful to both the employee and the employer. The employee can use the pen to write and the employer receives advertising every time the employee uses it in the presence of other people. Good quality business pens will last for a good length of time.

Notepads: Notepads printed with a business logo are a good low cost choice for employers who have a lot of employees to consider. Notepads provide employees with paper to write on and advertise the business at the same time. These are especially effective as advertising because the employee make take them to public places such as a grocery store or the employee may write a note to someone and give it to them on the notepad paper with the business logo. Notepads are available in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Stress Balls: Promotional stress balls are generally well received and enjoyed by employees. Promotional stress balls are often brightly colored. These stress toys can come in a variety of Christmas themed shapes and usually have the business name printed on the outside of the ball.

Clothing: Printed clothing is a popular gift and is one of the more expensive items given to employees for Christmas. Printed t-shirts can provide clothing for the employee and is a prominent type of advertising. Polo shirts that have the business logo make good gifts especially if the employees are allowed to wear them on casual Fridays.

Clocks: Promotional desktop gifts are enjoyed by employees and a clock with the business logo can be a desk piece that is useful and decorative. Promotional clocks are available in various materials such as wood and metal. They can be decorated only by the time piece with the company logo or they can be very ornate with intricate details and styling.

Giving promotional gifts to employees for this Christmas is a great way to advertise a business and promote positive feelings between the employee and employer.