Why a Tablet PC Laptop Over a Standard Laptop?

Why a tablet PC laptop over a standard laptop? Well the advantage is that you can write directly on to the screen using a pen that is supplied. Tablet PC laptops are flexible because you can write on the touch screen using the supplied pen in the same way you would write using a normal pen and paper. This means you are not limited to the characters and objects given on a standard computer and enables the user to draw complex images such as diagrams, drawings and writing which can’t easily be done on a standard keyboard and mouse – particularly useful for people who use specialist symbols and images.

This ability to write directly onto the screen makes tablet PC laptops useful in many different situations such as in a meeting at work or for a student at school. Tablet PC laptops also has a feature to audio visual record meetings or classes so you never miss anything that is said if the speaker is going faster than you can write. Obviously with this feature you can playback lessons or meetings at a later time – useful if you want to share it with a friend who missed the meeting or lesson.

A tablet laptop can also be used in presentations like a standard laptop but since it has a touch screen that can be written on, more complex information can be conveyed. It can therefore be used like a white or blackboard as in a meeting or classroom with anything that is written on the tablet laptop projected onto a large overhead screen. The flexibility to convey complex drawings and images also encourages more interaction than a standard laptop because anyone present at the meeting or class can come to the tablet PC laptop and write on it.

Handwriting can also be converted to computer fonts using handwriting recognition software. Advantageous for people with poor handwriting or for people who would want to first write something by hand and then save it in a Word document or send the converted text in an email.

Tablet PC laptops are light and designed to be carried around. Like a standard laptop the tablet laptop has a keyboard and screen but unlike a standard laptop the tablet PC laptop has a touch screen that can be swiveled around so that it can be used like a notepad. This allows the user to easily write on it while standing up or even walking which can’t easily be done with a standard laptop.

The touch screen is also chemically strengthened to resist scratching. Because the tablet PC laptop is designed to be carried around and written on it is also designed to be more robust than a standard laptop. Manufacturers of tablet PC laptops therefore test their products for scratch and impact resistance.

So why a tablet PC laptop over a standard laptop? Well it has the features of a standard laptop but with added robustness and the benefit of writing on the touch screen for note taking, better mobility and truly using it on the go.