Manage Your Own Desktop Wallpaper Using a 5 Easy Step Guide

1. Firstly, you will need to find out your screen resolution. Then you will need to establish what size your final image will need to be. Fortunately, this is really easy – simply right-click a blank area on your desktop and select properties from the resulting menu, followed by the settings tab on the next screen. Look at the screen resolution area and write down what your current settings are.

2. Once you know the size that you need find a photo that you want to use. You can do this by going to your archives and selecting a relevant image from the file.

3. Doubleclick on the photo to open it. Now, adjust anything that needs to be fined tweaked for example colour and saturation etc. Next, you’ll need to resize the image to match your monitor resolution. This setting, however, can vary depending on your program, but it’s usually found under the Edit or Image menu in most programs.

Furthermore, most programs will have an option to constrain proportions. This allows the image to remain in proportion as you start to scaling the image. Make sure this option is checked or the image may look distorted.

Consequently, you may find that when you resize the image with the proportions constrained, the numbers don’t in fact match your screen resolution. However, if the numbers are close (say within 10 pixels), don’t worry about it – any distortion will be minimal. If you find the numbers are off by quite a bit, then you will need to either crop the image, or put it on to a black background that is proportional to your screen resolution.

4. Once your image is resized, cropped and generally ready to go, save it as a JPEG. I recommend putting it in the “My Pictures” folder for easy reference.

5. Final step! Right-click on your desktop then select properties from the menu that has just popped up – then select the desktop tab. Click the browse button and navigate to the image you have just saved. Double click on it and you should now have your photo set as your desktop wallpaper!

Happy wallpapering 😉