Power Problem of Laptop Computers

Have you ever experienced the agony of being busy working on your computer in one minute then all of a sudden, the blank screen of death attacks your computer? All of a sudden, your laptop goes quiet for no reason.

Many times, you would begin by checking the power cables to confirm if the pin was well plugged in. If it was loose, it can cause the computer to switch off because there is no power. If both of these are not working, unplug the power adapter and begin to do a power cycle.

Doing this is not as head as it may first appear, it is less complicated than it sounds. Just unplug any power supply that may be feeding the laptop. Follow it up by removing all the devices that are linked to your laptop.

After you have done all this, you can now proceed and unfasten your laptop battery. You can then press and hold the power button to switch it on once the battery is out.

The idea of trying to power your computer may seem like a joke more so if you have just removed the battery pack moments ago. The reason you may go against the odds and try to power on a computer that has its battery removed is that there is normally static build up in the internal hardware.

For this reason, your computer will keep shutting down in certain occasions. This trick may also work in scenarios where you have lost an internet connection.

If you have already done the above things, you should proceed to check separately, your battery and power source. Once you notice that the laptop will function normally with the battery and not do so with the power source, it is obvious that the adaptor is spoilt. If the adaptor works alone but not when with the battery, then you need a battery.

Different laptops have different kinds of warning lights that alert us about some errors. If your laptop has these features, you should crosscheck with your manual to identify any fault.