Free Desktop Publishing Software

You Don’t Really Need CS5 When There Is Free Desktop Publishing Software like This

If you run a small business, did you know you could afford quality desktop publishing software to do everything that bigger businesses with deeper pockets were always able to do? Not only do you not need a big budget for it, in most cases, if you’re willing to look past the traditional big-name businesses that make the top software packages, you can get everything you need for free. Certainly, you do make a few sacrifices not buying Adobe Creative Suite – for instance, free desktop publishing software doesn’t come with any kind of tech-support other than what you can get at a public forum. But in most cases that could be okay – an independent businessman is usually well able to seek out the resources he needs to take care of his own problems. If you could avail yourself of everything that the open source movement has placed at your disposal, you could save yourself thousands of dollars, and you could probably get almost everything done that a small business could possibly need. Let’s look at some of the best free desktop publishing software products there are that you can choose to get your business going without a hitch.

About the first piece of software you look for getting started with desktop publishing usually has to do with getting page layouts done. As far as free templates are concerned, there is no shortage of those on the Internet. As for page layout, there’s only one truly professional software program out there that works on the Mac, Windows and also on the Linux platforms – it is Scribus. With this powerful application installed, you can work with lots of great features for CMYK color, ICC color management and PDF creation. You can find in-depth information about this professional software package and reviews too, on the Internet. Basically though, you can be confident that you can create great polished looking documents on Scribus.

If you are willing to work with free desktop publishing software, you are certainly going to be looking for something to help you with your photo editing. Everyone loves the part in creating a document where they get to work with pictures, tweaking parts, retouching areas that need work, cropping out the parts that aren’t needed, and so on. What do you use that can allow you to do all these at no cost? For every major platform, Windows, Macintosh, Linux and others, you have the excellent image authoring and editing software, GIMP. Again, you can probably find great reviews of GIMP elsewhere on the Internet; but you can rest assured that it’s a great all-rounder. If you are only interested in software that works on Windows, consider the image editing program .

While on the subject of image editors, how about something that will help you out with your graphics needs? If you are working on Windows or the Mac, Inkscape is the program you’re looking for. For HTML editing, be sure to check out Amaya.