Are you one of those who always seek for the information through the digital news? Getting daily news is no longer difficult these days. You can get what’s happening in all around the world quickly. Business, entertainment, or gossip news are available. As the effect of internet, the digital news becomes more mobile friendly. Wherever you go, you can keep yourself informed through your smartphone. There are some digital news which draw attention globally.

The Facebook Controversy for not Close the InfoWars

Digital news about platforms or social network are always interesting to follow. The first digital news which is happening lately is about the Facebook controversy for not close the InfoWar. It’s not a secret anymore that the spreading of hoax information through the social networks is very easy to do for making a propaganda. Although Facebook did effort to decrease this issue, but it didn’t close then InfoWars. Social network is considered as the media for freedom including giving the opinions. It becomes a serious discussion when some experts voice their opinions about this issue.

With Weak Subscribers Growth, Netflix is still Dominating Globally

Move on from the Facebook, there is also a latest digital news you can get. As the everyone’s favorite place to watch movies or shows, Netflix is already popular in all parts of the world. The target view which is mostly younger people, make Netflix becomes a trend. But when we talk about the subscribers, this company still has a weak growth. According to the Wall Street, it even gets stock decline of 5.7 percent at $ 377.75. In widening its contents globally, Netflix already done subtitling and dubbing the title show for the native language. This is one of the strategies to get more subscribers because in fact that the number of subscribers are bigger in outside of the United Stated. So, it’s true that this company still has a opportunity to be the biggest media in the world.