As the latest upgrade of Microsoft Windows 10, there are some aspects which show improvement. Previously, we have to familiar ourselves with the display look which are easier but confusing sometimes. Do you really think that the latest upgrade is useful for you? You should know Microsoft Windows news from some other new features in here. Since working with Microsoft, Windows 10 tries to improve what are needed by the users. There are two new features that you can find in the Microsoft Windows News below.

Free Tool of Whiteboard App

The number one of Microsoft Windows News comes from the whiteboard app. If you are business men or women, you have to deal with lots of works such as presenting ideas, right?. Normally, medium such as power point and old school white board really help us to explain what we want to show to the clients or partners. But it seems ineffective because you don’t do it in practically. For those who use Windows 10 devices, there is a new feature that may can help you in doing your business work. This is the number one of Microsoft Windows news you should know. Whiteboard app is designed with stylus that can make you easier to draw. If you use laptop or phone, you can use your mouse or finger to do some activities. Writing, importing pictures, draw, and adding sticky notes becomes easy to do.

New Features of Notepad in Redstone 5

The number two of Microsoft Windows news is from the new feature of Notepad. If you already familiar with this app on your phone, now you can get it also on your Microsoft Windows 10. It’s actually already available on Windows but the feature has no enough capability. According to the upgrade of Redstone 5 on Microsoft Windows 10, this notepad feature will be much better than before.

There are some plus that you can see in some activities such as replacing or finding the words you want to search. Zooming text and deleting the previous text with Ctrl+Backspace are the others advantages you will get. This is one of the Microsoft Windows news which may can make its user breath a sigh. It’s because in the new feature, you will open this app more quickly. The previous performance of notepad really requires large data especially when you have not enough memory space.

After seeing what are the new features in the Microsoft Windows news, you can conclude by yourself are they helpful or not for you as the Microsoft Windows users.