Microsoft is a technology company which sells computer software and develop manufactures, licenses, and other services. In our daily life, we can’t separate ourselves with the Microsoft products. Laptop or Microsoft smartphone are very helpful for us to do works or just for entertainment. The Microsoft news are also the same. If you want to understand what are the latest Microsoft news, you should read them below.

The Highest Record of $800 Billion Valuation

The number one of Microsoft news to know is about the highest record of $800 billion valuation. According to the trading on July,12, Microsoft stock reaches the highest valuation for the first time. It even hits the previous record which is $102,34. But now it already became higher about $104,29. So, it means that with this latest record, Microsoft has $800 market capitalization. This one of the latest Microsoft news may surprise many people including the shareholder.

The Technology of Face Recognition

In protecting the privacy, it seems like Microsoft improving its capability. This is the number two of Microsoft news you should know. It will continue the previous technology which uses photo to recognize people’s face. It says that the use of face recognition is very useful and positive. There are some reasons why then this technology is created. But the tracking activities from the government without permission seems like the reason why. It’s already used by a institution for some cases like law enforcement.

The Agreement Between General Electric and Microsoft

The number three of Microsoft news is about the agreement between General Electric and Microsoft. In getting the profit for both sides, this agreement should become a good potential. As they develop faster, it can help them in making a transition in the global digital economy. According to some data, the General Electric shareholder can get the significant value onward. For the conclusion, the making of this agreement would be equally beneficial for both sides. Based on this and the previous Microsoft news above, which one is you think the most interesting?