Which one makes you satisfy about the latest Apple products so far? Does it better or even decrease? But day by day Apple shows some its improvements. When you look at the mass media, there will be daily updates of the Apple news. Whether it relates to the Iphone, Ipad, or Macbook, the Apple news are always make everyone take a high hope. Maybe there are still some of latest news which you may don’t know yet. You can read the Apple news below which are out these days.

The Expectation of Five New Colors of Iphone

Before Apple officially releasing its new products, there must be some expectations come from the experts. The number one which becomes a surprising topic of the latest Apple news is the five new colors of Iphone. According to some electronic media, there will be blue, grey, orange, red, and white which are expected by Ming Chi Kuo in the newest Iphone. Besides, it says that the price is not far from the Iphone X with 6.5 inch OLED.

The Improvement of Apple Store in Some Aspect

Since the introduction of the App Store, it shows that there are already many applications which are useful for the Iphone users. The apps are not only for entertainment because it’s also beneficial for some other needs such as business and social. As the time goes by, Apple shows its seriousness with adding more  apps. The innovations can be useful for some activities like increasing health, watching shows, gaming and many more. This number two of Apple news will improve the users’ productivity.

The Disposal of  5G chip on Iphone from the Intel

The number three of Apple news you should not miss is about the disposal of 5G chip on Iphone from the Intel. In the next improvement, it seems like Apple will not join with Intel anymore because it has no chips for the Intel. It’s kind of pathetic for the Intel to stop producing processors for Apple. But then this company doesn’t give up by focusing more on improving its products to get back a trust from Apple.

Apple Restrains not to Release New Macs and Ipads this Summer

Macbook and Ipad are two products of the Apple which have already many fans across the globe. There are many of them who are waiting for what’s new on the inside of these two products. But hold on because Apple restrains not to release new Macs and Ipads this Summer. According to the document, the latest version of Ipads use OS 11 and macOS 10.13 for the Macs. It seems odd because the release of OS 12 is more expected this summer. So there is still weirdness if Apple refreshes to run the old software. This is the number four of Apple news which you should know.