Android news are always interesting to follow. Whether it’s from Samsung,HTC,Huawei or the others are necessary to know. If you are looking for something new from Android, you should read this article. There are some Android news from the features you may know below.

The Release of Fortnite

If you game addict, you must be familiar with Fortnite. This is a survival game which you only can find in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, ios, and other platforms. You should be grateful because this Fortnite game will also be available for Android. It is predicted to release this summer. But for those who have middle and low-end device, you may be disappointed. It’s because Fortnite will release only for High-end devices such as LG G6, Huawei Matte 10, and Google Pixel 2. This is the number one of android news you must know.

Android P Beta 3 for Pixel Devices

As a big company which already has many products, Google shows its existence more today. Have you ever heard about Android P? It’s the newest smartphone from Google which has some great features like easy swipe  and multi camera. But for the Pixel devices like Pixel 2 and Pixel  XL can get it too. Unfortunately, the Android P Beta 3 only fixes the bugs without adding new features. Maybe it will be better in the next updates. This is the number two of important android news to know.

The Lower Size of Spotify Lite Apps

If you are the biggest fans of Spotify, you should be very happy. This number three of Android news will show what’s new from this very popular music apps. If you ever complained that Spotify spends lots of memory space, there is a solution today. You can download the Spotify Lite apps which is only 15MB. But there are some parts which will be not available such as the offline playback and the devices connect.

Which one of the Android news you like the most? All of them have the both good and lack side. So, keep following the latest android news to know what’s good and what’s not from the Android updates.