Social media truly hypnotize people to always use it. Realize it or not, it’s really hard to not open social media even for a minute. We also don’t want to miss the latest news, right? There are some important internet news which very useful for those who are social media addicts. Check which one of the internet news you still don’t know yet below.

Paid Feature From Facebook

Who doesn’t know Facebook? It’s a popular platform which appears after the legend Friendster for chatting. The number one of internet news is about this platform. In the beginning of this Facebook creation by Mark Zuckerberg, we only can use this platform to update the status and share pictures. But as the time flies, there are already some updates such as background option for status,live broadcast, and story. It seems like Facebook doesn’t want to lose its users by creating features like the other competitors. There is one more feature you should know which is Subscription Group. This is considered to help the admin of the group collecting more profit by giving exclusive content only for the people in group. Just by registering this paid feature, you can arrange the service you want.

Video Call Feature on Instagram

Move on from the number one of internet news, there is a platform which has more users in this era called Instagram. There are already many people who left Facebook and choose Instagram to share their daily activities. Photo filters, easy Direct Message, and Snapgram are favorite features for its users. To increase its usability, Instagram often update the features. If you already can see IG TV on your Instagram, it means that you follow the latest feature. Along with the IG TV, now you also can make a video call from the Direct Message by clicking the top right icon. This number two of internet news from Instagram really helps you, right?

The Introduction of New Feature on Snapchat to Increase Competition with Instagram

The release of Snapchat in 2011 really attracted people. The complete funny and cool filters are the reason why. At that time the other platforms like Instagram didn’t have these kind of filters yet. So, for those who were looking for more innovative platform, they also download Snapchat on their phones. But there is intense competition between these two platforms. According to some sources, there will be a collaboration between Snapchat and Game Publisher. This platform will become the host for those who already download the games. This is the number three of internet news which will give a different sensation in playing the games through Snapchat.

Suspension of 70 Million Twitter Accounts

Because of the freedom in sharing anything on Twitter, there are some of people who use this platform in the wrong way. Hoax news spread or unappropriate information are the examples of the improper use of Twitter. According to this issue, Twitter starts to make a security by suspending 70 million accounts. This step is taken to reduce fake and suspicious accounts. No need report from the users because there is a  learning machine which can inform it directly to the Twitter. This is the number four of internet news which is expected to make people use Twitter more wisely.