Laptop Vs Netbook

We all know what a laptop is. Basically a PC computer that was designed for mobility. Do we really know all the advantages of a laptop? Nowadays some people think that the mobility offered by an ordinary laptop just isn’t enough. They want more, or I shall rephrase it: they want less!!

Have you actually ever thought what laptops give us. People usually don’t notice many things. The very first and sometimes I have the impression the only thing they see is the price. Yes, comparing to a desktop PC it is a bit higher, or you prefer for the same money you get less performance. That’s for sure. But on the other hand people cannot see that for the same price they purchase a flat LCD screen, a mouse/pointer, keyboard power supply and the most underestimated thing of all – battery. Some say they don’t need it, but then again, do you need a laptop at all. The battery is your UPS as well. And when you do important stuff on your computer it is really important, otherwise you lose all your hard work. So if you consider additional spendings on a monitor, keyboard etc you’ll end up with a similar price. And you’re stuck to your desk all the time. So when you need a PC at home and at school/university etc. a laptop seems to be an only option.

So with all the advantages of laptops, do we really need netbooks? What’s a netbook? It’s a small laptop, also known a ultra portable laptop. So the main aim with them is ultra portability and enhanced battery life.. It’s achieved by spending less energy on illuminating way smaller display as well as on less powerful processor. Well you cannot have everything… And another downside is the lack of a DVD drive. Not the end of the World nowadays, but sometimes having it is useful. With all the downsides, who needs them? Well mainly business people who travel a lot. Consider getting on a plane, with all luggage weight limitations or just simply travelling with additional 6 kilograms on your shoulder. Sometimes you need to finish your work being on a train and then lead a presentation for a few hours. With enhanced battery life you can do it. You mustn’t consider buying it as a toy PC for your children. It’s a waste of money then. Rather buy a cheap used one. At the end of the day it’s your call.