Additional Features In Desktop Video Conferencing

Apart from the real time video chat facilities, desktop videoconferencing offers several other additional features that certainly make it more enjoyable call option for users. These features can be activated during the set-up of web videoconferencing so as to maximize the call effects. Below are given some of the extra features in desktop videoconferencing that can make calls more interactive. They are as follows:

Text Messaging

Sometimes, audio or video chatting does not seem to be the right option. The desktop video conferencing users on Skype, iChat, Windows Live Messenger and Oovoo have the facility to send text messages instantly. With this feature, the users can feel free to send personalized messages to other call participants in web videoconferencing without allowing the call group to see them. In fact, call participants can put questions to the presenter in written without disturbing people present in the office, library or neighborhood.

Media Presentation

This is a kind of private setting that enables the user to remain invisible to others present in a desktop video conferencing. Through this feature, the live webcam image on desktop can be changed to a desirable picture any time and ready made presentations can also be delivered in real time. Some of the desktop videoconferencing software even allows remote users to see video clippings and timed slideshows.

Desktop Sharing

The desktop sharing option in web videoconferencing is targeted to make your system screen visible to other remote users either in part or full. It is live in nature and allows for whiteborading, annotation and display of not so easy to convert picture materials. However, the shared desktop display turns out to be lower in quality than the actual display where texts appear large and details are not lost.

Remote Collaboration For File Sharing And Editing

The advanced level of desktop sharing is known as remote collaboration where the remote users can take control of an image file or document displayed on your screen and start editing it. This kind of facility is available in sophisticated form of desktop video conferencing and requires additional equipments and experience but it has huge potential for small to large group collaboration. While doing web video conferencing on Skype, Oovoo, iChat and Windows Live messenger, you can get a corporate feel. This high end interaction is designed for corporate use where large number of users can read, create and edit documents in different formats simultaneously.

Sending And Receiving Files

Few of the desktop video conferencing features like screen sharing and remote picture display do not work in the full screen visible to local users and it becomes necessary to send important files to remote users. It allows users to receive and view the files on their own systems and use them throughout the video conference procedure. Though files can also be sent ahead of scheduled call via email but web videoconferencing software makes it possible for users to send and receive files during a conference call and gather user’s feed back in real time.