Desktop CNC Milling Machines Information

Desktop CNC milling machines are now available on the market. These machines are compact and lightweight and can be a great addition to any shop. It incorporates the use of computer numerical controlled technology into a handy, lightweight machine. These machines are low cost alternatives to their grown counterparts.

Desktop CNC milling machines are still rigid enough to cut those precise measurements that you need and that CNC machines are known for. Do not let their size fool you. They are still high tech pieces of machinery that are operated by software programs that require very little human interaction.

These machines can be used in milling any type of metal. They are easily operated and offer any shop high tech capabilities. Many different manufacturers offer a desktop CNC milling machine and with each manufacturer come different options; however, most of the desktop CNC milling machines are set up the same way.

Here are just a few of the things that you can do with a desktop CNC milling machine. They are:

o Jewelry manufacturing

o Engraving

o Precision prototype development

o Low production manufacturing

o Precision 3D mold making

o Drilling or milling of plates or panels

o PC board drilling

o And much more

They are great for use in:

o Schools

o Research labs

o Hobby shops

o And much more

These machines come in a variety of different sizes with many different features. Some are for milling of non-metal materials only. Some are enclosed as the machine does the work, creating a very safe work environment. Some offer speeds of 11,000 rpm to 25,000 rpm. They usually use simple computer interfaces and are fairly easy for anyone to use.

Just like with any other type of CNC machine, they operate off of several different axes; usually the three main ones: X, Y, and the Z axis. Engraving is a breeze with professional results each and every time. It is the perfect machine to start students out on to learn the CNC technology and software. With a weight of usually less than two hundred pounds, these machines can usually be placed just about anywhere: on countertops, tables, etc. They are handy and can be placed out of the way easily if needed.

CNC technology does not have to be just for the big guys. Little shops, schools, and labs need the same technology and the desktop CNC milling machines offer this high tech technology in a compact size. Even though the desktop CNC milling machines cannot perform to the level or capacity that its grownup companions can, they can still make life easier for many shops and people out there today.

If you have any questions about a desktop CNC milling machine, contact the dealer. Remember to shop around to find the right machine for you. Different manufacturers offer different machines, in different sizes with different options. By talking to the dealers, you will be able to find the right machine for you.