Knock Off the Icons From Your Desktop

Is your desktop huddled with icons? Now you can move your icons to the taskbar and keep your desktop tidy. Want to know how?

First of all create a desktop shortcut for the icons that we want to place in the taskbar. Now right click on the icon to get a menu. Select the create desk top shortcut. You can see the shortcut appear on the screen.

Next step is to remove all the existing icons from the desktop. For this right clip on the desktop. Scroll down the menu list and choose ‘Personalize’. You can see the personalize menu and to the left of the menu click on the second down on the list showing ‘Change desktop icons’. Now you can see all your original icons have disappeared from the desktop.

The last step is to slide the desktop shortcuts to the taskbar. For this you need the help of the ‘quick launch toolbar’.

Follow these instructions:

A� Right click the taskbar, scroll to Toolbars and choose New Toolbar. Press Enter key.

A� Turn off the “lock the taskbar” setting, and right-click on the divider.

A� Uncheck the “Show text” and “Show title” and the view is checked “small icons”.

A� Use the dividers to arrange the toolbar ordering to your desire and when you are ready lock the taskbar.

When you are finished with the above instructions drop the icons to the right side of the taskbar leaving your desktop clean.

If you are not satisfied with the new look and want to remove any icon you can right click on the taskbar and delete it from the taskbar. have a neat and tidy look for desktop icons for your computer