The Top 5 Reasons for Buying a Refurbished Laptop

5. They are Cheap and Easy to Upgrade

If you have a refurbished laptop that needs refurbishing, it is far less expensive to upgrade your refurbished laptop than a new one. Technology used in a new laptop is a lot more expensive but the technology used in a refurbished laptop tends to be a couple of years old and less expensive. If you decide to upgrade your memory or hard drive on your refurbished laptop this can be done at a fraction of the price.

4. They Have a Similar Performance as a New one

Reputable laptop refurbishing companies put the laptops they have for sale through a rigorous testing procedure prior to releasing it for sale. With the testing procedures they have in place, this means that the laptops performance will be similar to when it was new. Most people use their laptops for common tasks like, internet browsing, social media interaction, word processing and watching DVDs. The performance of a refurbished notebook on these activities will be similar to a new laptop. Unless you plan to play high end games there will be little or no difference in the laptops performance.

3. They are Cheap to Repair

Refurbished Laptops tend to be acquired from large corporations after the laptops have come to the end of a lease. These corporations generally use business standard laptops famous for their reliability and durability. There is a limited number of laptop models produced for the business market and there is a large availability of spare parts and very cheap prices. This makes it very cheap and easy to repair these models of laptops. There are 1000’s of different models created for the home market, they tend to be less reliable and spare parts are not as common. This makes repairs a lot more expensive.

2. They are Cheaper to Purchase

It is plain and simple, when you buy a refurbished laptop, it will be a fraction of the price of a new laptop. A good example would be the HP NC6000 laptop that had a RPP of A�1199 when bought new but can now be bought for under A�200. It is not uncommon to get savings of over 90% of the RRP.

1. They are Good for the Environment

If you are environmentally aware, which most of us are these days, purchasing a refurbished laptop will help you reduce your carbon footprint. First of all by buying a refurbished laptop it will reduce the number of new laptops being sold and the knock on affect is that less laptops will be produced. You will also help prevent used IT equipment being disposed off and ending up in landfills throughout the country.