Branding a New Business With Promotional Desktop Gifts

The promotional items that work the best are those that sit on or around the desktop. Products such as promotional mouse mats, note pads, pens, pen posts and desk clocks can all go a long way toward building your brand. Keep these proven products in mind as you look for the perfect promotional items to build your brand. In this article I would like to show you how the top five promotional desktop gifts can work to promote your new business.

Chances are that if you are just starting up you will have a strict budget to stick to. You could throw this money toward expensive yellow pages advertisements, magazine ads, pay for click campaigns and even radio commercials. All of these ways of promoting your brand can be quite costly and need to be done regularly if they stand any chance of being any good to you.

Promotional desktop gifts are different. When you give a target customer a new good quality mouse mat or coffee mug they appreciate your gesture and keep the gift. Such items can be used for years and still look fantastic, promoting your brand all along the way. The top five desktop gifts are…

Promotional Mouse Mats

Even if you do not use a mouse, you can certainly use a mouse mat. They work as colour points of reference which make it easy for your customers to find you. Many people use them as coasters but computer mice like them best.

Promotional Mugs

Almost everyone takes a coffee or tea break regularly. Even if your customers do not take a break, chances are they will have a hot cup of coffee on their desktops a few times during the day. Printing your logo onto low cost promotional earthenware mugs will get your business noticed each time they reach for their favourite beverage.

Pen Pots

Promotional pens are one of the most sought after promotional gifts. It makes sense, therefore that pen pots would be such popular desktop gifts. Give you target customers a pen pot and a few logo printed pens and they will never lose your details.

Printed Note Pads

Of course if you are giving away promotional pens and pen pots, you may as well offer you customers good quality logo printed note pads sometime down the line. Your customers will see you logo and contact details each time they reach for a note pad to jot down a few notes.

Plastic Desk Clocks

There are a lot of inexpensive desk clocks on the market that look fantastic and promote like few other promotional items can. Think about it… How many time do you look at the time daily. That’s right. Printing your logo on a place where your customers focus their attention regularly is a good way to build your brand inexpensively.