Customize Your Printable Calendar Without Spending a Lot

If you are looking for a printable calendar, you are on the right track. The internet offers absolutely free personal calendars. By searching Google images, you are able to find several thousands of websites who offer free calendar templates as a way to make a printable calendar for your use.

Great resources, that are often overlooked, come from manufacturers of inkjet and laser printers. Xerox, for example, offers its printer buyers free calendars at their websites for easy download. They even allow their customers to change the design because they want to promote the use of their color laser printers. Most of their templates are fully customizable. You can add images, information, caption, and other important information that will replace the editable templates on the site.

If you are looking for a printable calendar that you can change the design and use for promoting a company, you will have to pay for the artwork.

Economical Ways to Make a Printable Calendar

An inkjet printer is not economical because the cost of ink is so high and it takes so long to print.

You can use your laser printer to make a small quantity of wall calendars for gift-giving.

Find a website where you can pick the theme that you want to use and upload your photos. A website, such as the Apple Store at the Apple website lets you create your own 12-month calendar, 24-month calendar or anything in between for about $19.99 ea. You can commemorate special events by adding photos and captions to each day that you want to make important. If you want, you can even import iCal events that you keep on your Apple or PC computer.

If you need a quantity order, then you need to find a printing company who specializes in calendars. They usually will charge about $15.99 if you buy at least 100. Once you get to about 1000, the price will drop to about $9.99 ea.