Cheap Laptops Keep Students In School

The Canadian School system has made an astonishing discovery – cheap laptops keep students in school and not only that, but their grades are greatly improved.

Somewhat eight years ago the school board of Eastern Township School decided to hand out laptop computers to the students and were rewarded with an impressive effect indeed. The school board hardly imagined that this decision was going to change the academic life of their students to such an extent – not only has the students dropout rate diminished from 39 to 23 percent – it turned out that the pupils weren’t only staying in school – they were really learning and doing so much better academically. It almost seemed like a dream – in the latest student ranking they jumped from being 66th out of 70 to the 23rd spot. Nobody could have hoped for such an amazing turnout of events.

There is a problem with the educational system and very hard to catch the student’s attention, problems with ADHD are very common and sometimes teachers are having a really hard time controlling the classroom. What a relief they felt when the program started giving its rewards. The program is not cheap, but the school director is determined to keep the personal laptops as a permanent part of the curriculum. Seeing the results of this venture he is more than certain the school is going to do its best to keep supporting it.

Using cheap laptops is also a great way to do that, as less money is going to be spent from the schools budget for a greater number of students. Kids with learning and other disabilities are also greatly benefited from this project, because the devices are of a tremendous help for them to succeed and besides that turned out to be quite helpful when it comes to making new friends. How that works is some of the kids, who mastered the technologies are already becoming mentors for other, less educated in that matter and thus not only friendship is acquired but also a sense of responsibility in the children is being built.

The University of Montreal has made extensive research on that project and has recommended it to all schools – no one can deny the remarkable change in the dropout rates, and since the kids and about 95% of the parents love the new project – its adopting by other schools is inevitable. Some of the parents admit that since these changes were made their kids are so much more eager to go to school. So far $15 million are spent on the computer program, but going for cheap laptops may be a great way to buy even more devices and invest it the children’s future.