If in the past laptop were expensive and difficult to reach, now the majority of people have them because there are already many laptops at affordable prices. It’s just that, as is well known, there is a price, of course there is quality.

Cheap laptops will offer modest specifications and performance is not too prime. So the possibility of slowness can occur if the intensity of its use is every day. Slow laptop are often annoying, especially if your daily work relies on this device. Work will be hampered because browsing alone is difficult. We will still encounter this slow laptop problem.

1. Delete Trash in the Recycle Bin

Files that have been deleted will usually go to the recycle bin and this can slow down the performance of the laptop. Empty the recycle bin by removing all the temporary garbage.

2. Install Antivirus on laptop

Slow laptop can be caused by a virus. If you find a virus on your laptop, it should be treated immediately. In addition to slowing down, viruses can damage important data and files. Install a quality antivirus to prevent the laptop from viruses.

Always update the antivirus database regularly. Because it could be every day there will be a new virus that attacks the laptop. Antivirus will detect a virus so that it can avoid it.

3. Don’t Run Heavy Programs

Every laptop has different capabilities and capacities. Do not run programs that cannot be supported by a laptop whose specifications do not allow it.

4. Custom Virtual Memory

Virtual memory can help improve laptop performance, although its role is not as big as RAM. How to adjust the virtual memory by going to Control Panel-System and Security-System, then selecting Advanced system settings.

5. Increase RAM and Hard Drive Capacity

A slow laptop could be because the memory is too full because the performance is too heavy. This reduces the RAM capacity, so as a solution, you can add more RAM.