Ionic Air Purifiers – The Benefits and Drawbacks

An ionic air purifier is an appliance that helps to clean pollutants from the air by way of electrically charging particles in the air. The surrounding air molecules or ions become negatively charged and are attracted to the positively charged plates in the purification device. Many of these appliances work silently and without a fan to draw the surrounding air in and around them although there are some models that have a fan which seems to improve the process or at least speed it up a little.

Consumers spend millions of dollars every year buying replacement filters for the many different types of air filtration systems available and the idea of not having to constantly be spending money keep the air clean in their home appeals to many people. With an ionic air purifier all that one has to do is occasionally wipe the metal plates with a damp cloth to clean them. Nothing more to buy, nothing more to replace.

In recent years the many differing models of these type of purifiers have become very popular as they help to provide relief from the many respiratory irritants that are all around us like pollen, smoke, spores, and other things that float around with the dust in the air. One can find many different models at most any large department or big box store from a cheap desktop air purifier to the higher end ionic pro air purifiers.

While these devices have not proven themselves to be an absolute cure all and one hundred percent efficient at eliminating all pollutants from the air they are an effective solution for many people who suffer from allergies. There are many differing models and suppliers and the only way someone will be able to tell if one will help them improve their breathing issues better than a regular type air filter is to try one out. Most manufactures have a money back if you are not delighted warranty of some sort. Be sure and look before you buy.