Why Choose a Laptop?

Why should you have to choose between power and comfort? Now that laptops are just as powerful as desktop computers, you can have the versatility that a laptop brings but with the roaring engine that a bulky desktop computer harnesses. Here are a few more reasons why you should invest in a slim line laptop:


Have you ever wished you could use your computer on the train or in a restaurant or coffee shop? If so, you will realise that there’s no way a desktop computer can fulfil this need while a laptop is built for purpose. With a laptop, you can simply pop it in your bag or carry it under your arm, take it wherever you want and start using it wherever you want.


Another great advantage of getting a laptop is the price; you can get the same specification in laptop form but for half the price of a desktop computer. This means you can get more computer for your money; you could even use the money you have saved to upgrade your laptop or buy software to make your laptop even better.


You no longer have to be cooped up in a small, lonely room by yourself just because you need access to your computer, a laptop means you can get up and go wherever you want; you can do work or browse the internet wherever you want. You can take your laptop to a friend’s house, to a cafe or even to the pub!


How does relaxing on the sofa on your laptop whilst watching some TV in the background sound? All possible with a laptop and it’s so much more comfortable than a standard desktop. Also, have you ever seen something on TV or in the newspaper that you’ve wanted to search online for but forget about it? Well if you already have a laptop at the ready then you’ll never have that problem again.


Fed up of having to use up a whole desk or room just so you can house your big, clunky desktop computer? Well with a laptop you can start working on your dinner table, move into your living room and then finish off your work in your bedroom. Leaving no mess or clutter behind as it’s all boxed into one single, solid unit. You can also use your laptop without the hundreds of wires, like you have to put up with when using a desktop computer!