Promotional Laptop Bags For Increasing Awareness About Brands

Many companies use promotional products to raise brand awareness, but it’s the unique campaigns that really stand out. Personalized and promotional laptop bags are as universally useful as items such as pens or notepads but are bigger and more eye-catching. This is just one of the many perks that make laptop bags a good choice when you’re looking for a new way to market your brand.

Easy to Customize

If you’ve ever tried to create promotional products before, you know that some have frustrating limitations. There’s only so much text you can fit on a pen, and shrinking down your logo for use on other small items can render it unrecognizable. Laptop bags give you a much larger area to display images and text, so you can include your full-sized logo along with all your important contact information. You can also choose a color that coordinates with your logo design to create an eye-catching finished product.

Unique Giveaway

Pens, notepads, highlighters and other office supplies are common giveaway items. Business owners hand these out everywhere they go in the hopes of turning curious consumers into customers. While these can be very useful in some ad campaigns, the unique nature of laptop bags makes them the better choice when you really want to grab people’s attention. Putting your brand front and center on a big messenger-style bag pretty much guarantees high visibility.

Useful Promotion

Most promotional items have limits to their usefulness. Pens run out of ink and notepads run out of paper. Laptop bags, on the other hand, hold up for much longer, especially when they’re made out of tough materials such as neoprene. Also used in wetsuits and as a coating for dumbbells, neoprene is meant to stand up to stress, so the daily wear and tear of carrying around a laptop shouldn’t affect it much. Free items that continue to be useful are a great way to keep customers thinking about your brand long after the initial promotion is over.

Multiple Possibilities

Laptop bags are a bit more expensive than other promotional products, so you might consider doing more than simply giving them away. For example, at special events such as trade shows, you could use the bags to create a complete information package about your business. Tuck flyers, brochures and event announcements into the main compartment along with smaller, more common promotional items. Hand these out to potential partners, past clients and other important contacts to help grow your network.

Reaching New Markets

Think about all the places that you go with your laptop. Imagine customers carrying your brand to all those places and beyond. With promotional laptop bags, you brand may be seen around:

• Coffee shops

• Restaurants

• Airports

• Libraries

• College campuses

• Hotels and conference centers

It would be hard to target specific marketing campaigns for potential customers in all of these locations. Fortunately, promotional items can do it for you. Each place that customers carry your branded laptop bags becomes a new advertising venue.