What Laptops Offer

Laptop computers have been growing in popularity and even outsell desktops in some demographic groups. While some people might attribute this to slick marketing, these computers clearly offer certain advantages that make them attractive. Offering real practical solutions to computing problems, they are attractive for a variety of reasons including those listed below:

Small Size: Size really does matter with computers. In an age when an increasing number of electronic gadgets can fit in the palm of a hand, it is only natural to expect a computer that is not too big.

High performance: In the past, notebooks could not compare to desktops in performance. While they will never offer the power of desktops, their abilities certainly are enough for most users. Their performance is good, getting better and pretty close to desktops, which usually offer more than most people need for most uses anyway.

Easy connectivity: People are doing more and spending longer periods of time online than ever before. Laptops can keep people on the move connected. Almost all of them now have built-in wireless capability that keeps people connected automatically or at the click of a mouse.

Portability: Whether moving to another room or to another country, computers now contain a lot of information that people want to take with them. Some people would argue these machines contain much of their lives. Laptop computers allow the computer to follow its owner anywhere quickly and easily.

They make great second computers: Those people who require desktops for their power or other reasons often need a second computer. With a laptop at the second computer, they can have the best of both worlds.

Security: With so much information on computers nowadays, it is sometimes unwise to leave them unattended. Computers that are easily portable can go with their owners and do not need to be left home alone.

Functionality: For those who only need the increased features of desktop computers occasionally, it is easy to hook a portable computer to a keyboard, monitor, external drive or whatever else one needs. Since most laptops have a great variety of ports, almost any device can simply be plugged in.

Price: While they still generally cost more than desktops and perhaps always will, they are now very reasonably priced and the price difference with desktops is often minor. It is no longer necessary to pay a premium for their features.

These are just some of the advantages they offer. Laptops may not be for everyone, but they offer a lot for many people.