Desktop Or Laptop – Which Is Better For Your New Home Office?

This is a big consideration to bear in mind when planning your new home office for the first time. Laptops traditionally used to be more desirable machines that commanded a much higher premium than their desktop counterpart. Now though laptop computers have plummeted in price, but you will still pay a premium for their portability. This is because laptop components are specially designed for durability which comes at a cost. You will often pay up to forty percent more for a laptop compared to a desktop.

There are some key considerations to take into account when weighing the two options up. Firstly its memory; laptop memory does tend to be more expensive than its desktop cousin and also has fewer memory slots, so upgrading a desktop computer in the future will be much more cost effective. If you go for the laptop option ensure that you purchase it with as much memory as possible; a memory upgrade that costs you one hundred dollars when ordering it from the factory is several times over a cheaper option than if you did it a year down the line. Secondly you have to be aware of the computer speed. The faster a PC is, the more power it will consume. So if you have a top of the range laptop it will have a significant drain on its battery. Ideally with a laptop you need to find a compromise between battery life and power. The great thing with a desktop PC is that this worry doesn’t exist.

One of the great benefits of the laptop is of course that it is portable, I know this sounds obvious but it is a known fact that the majority of laptops sold do not leave their owners desks. So you may think why have a laptop then, especially if it is limited in terms of battery power, screen size and the ability to upgrade. Well these are good questions and there is no definitive answer, but they are great space-savers and you can take them with you to work at a colleagues or on the train. So there are plenty of advantages to.

As we are talking about working from home, then you need to put it all into perspective. For instance what are the main tasks for the computer? Is it just for reading and sending emails to customers? If so a laptop may be for you. But if you have more advanced needs such as creating video and photo editing then a desktop PC may be just right.