If you have a passion for helping the environment, then you will likely feel empowered to work in a career that helps to save the planet. What jobs can be helpful, though? Below are some uncommon environmental careers to fit a variety of skill sets.

Environmental Process Engineer

If you have a talent for the sciences and love biology, then you may want to look into environmental process engineering. This career takes all the best parts of chemistry and botany. While in school, students are likely to study biology, chemistry, and take various classes that focus on renewable energy and pollution control. Since an environmental process engineer will learn about all of these things, they can then go into a career to learn how to improve plant growth and reduce man-made waste in nature.


If history is more your thing, then you might want to consider being an archaeologist. Of course, it’s not all like in theĀ Indiana JonesĀ movies; not all archaeologists look for treasure. However, they can look for things that can help the planet. By working in archaeology, people can combine history and the environment. Archeologists can learn what the planet looked like before the industrial revolution, learn about people’s diets, and more. All of these things can both contribute to scientific and historically-related environmental fields.


If you have an artistically-inclined mind, then you may want to consider a career in landscaping. Certain plants can attract specific bug types. With bees getting closer to endangerment every day, doing a little thing like filling someone’s garden with flowers that attract bees can make a big difference. So, working as a landscaper or gardener can help to combine art, design, and environmentalism.

If you love to help the planet and are looking for a career that can help you to do that better, consider one of the above careers. With the right training, talent, and passion, you can excel in any career and help the planet along the way.