In every business, there’s one topic that all managers unsuccessfully try to avoid – and that’s costs.

The cost of running your industry is what determines your profits and losses, or in other words, how well your business is doing.

Numerous companies are looking for ways to cut down this cost to maximize profits. And some have been effective, but not as effective as using robots.

Robotic automation has proven to be the best way to reduce operating costs. In fact, a study by Technavio has shown that automation could cut down costs by 21.85%.

How much can you do with an extra 21% of your operations cost?

In this article, we’ll cover four ways to cut down production costs with robots.

1.     Address your labor needs

Whether or not robots will take away jobs from your workers is up to you. But the truth is, the robots can do a much better job than most of your workers anyway.

The robots are much faster, more efficient, and more productive than workers. Moreover, they can multi-task and complete more tasks much easily.

As such, you can deploy them in almost every area of your production, and they’ll be effective.

The robots will, therefore, eliminate the need to hire more workers when you’re short-staffed. Instead, they can work double shifts, both day and night, to complete the jobs.

This means that you won’t have to cover their wages, medical, housing and other allowances.

2.     Eliminate wastage and defective products

This is probably the biggest problem in industries today.

Numerous businesses are losing a ton of money on wasted materials and defective products, mostly because of human error. Nonetheless, all of this can change when using robots.

Robots have a very low margin of error, meaning that they have no room for wasting raw materials. They’re also very accurate, making it hard for them to produce defective products.

So, by investing in a robot, you save your industry all the costs that would go to waste. You’ll also have more products to sell and less defective ones.

This significantly cuts down your costs.

3.     Reduce your energy bills

The industrial workplace consumes a lot of power—from machines, to the lighting, to the lifts. This translates into super high energy bills.

Using robots is one of the best ways to reduce these costs without affecting your productions.

For one, the robots need minimal lighting when working. They don’t even need the AC unit. As such, with them in place, you can drastically cut down your lighting bills!

When used for machine tending, the robots are also very reliable. Hardly will you find a machine running when it’s not in use. A robot ensures the machine is off, unless needed.

They also don’t consume much power when operating since most robots have rechargeable batteries to power them for their daily activities.

4.     Reduce your working hours

The main reason you’re spending a lot on your production is because you take a lot of time to finish your production. Whether it’s because of low productivity, or a short staff, a robot can easily use this to cut down costs.

The speed and precision of robots allow you to complete your production time than usual. As such, the workers spend fewer hours working, and your lights are on much shorter.

Therefore, your costs for hourly wages decrease, and your energy bills go down.

The robots also help you save on floor space, which you can use to expand your production line. Talk of flexibility!

Final thoughts

Robotic automation can help you cut down a lot of your operating costs, but only if you do it right.

Not all aspects of your production can be automated, so you need to be strategic when choosing where to automate. Collaborative robots are the best industrial robots to help you cut down costs.

Invest and deploy them in the right place in your workspace, and watch as your costs plummet down.