The Amazing Technology of Computers

Behind the invention of the wheel and mastery of fire, computers and the microchip is probably the greatest innovation that mankind has produced. Computers can handle a variety of different tasks and calculate much more efficiently and effectively than the human brain can. This is a field that is producing more advancements at a high rate with each passing day.

Technology has come a long way from the first computer that literally filled an entire room. Today, computers can fit in the palm of your hand and multitask like never before. There are many different kinds of computers that serve different purposes. Any machine with a microchip in it can be considered a part of the computer family.

The two most basic types of computers found today are desktops and laptop machines. These computers can be found in most homes in America and around the world, as it seems all people are going digital. Laptops are good for use on the go, while desktop computers can serve as a work station while at home. Both run on the same programs and can be interchangeable depending on your needs.

As previously stated, any machine that houses a microchip can be considered a computer. Gadgets like televisions, calculators, digital watches, I-pods, and cellular phones are all specialized kinds of computers. Each has a specific function that aids people with everyday life. Cellular phones are a great example of how computers are continuously being scaled down while becoming more high tech.

Computers are truly amazing pieces of machinery that continue to become more and more evolved. The invention of the microchip has given birth to a new era known as “the Information Age.” Because of the amazing technology of computers, information can pass to people at a rate never thought possible by previous generations.