Lenovo Thinkpad T400 – Laptop Review

The ThinkPad T400 is a welcome addition to Lenovo’s ThinkPad line. The ThinkPad T400 has features and capabilities that make it stand out in Lenovo’s lineup. Below are the specifications of the Lenovo T400.



Intel Core 2 Duo – Penryn-3M (medium-voltage, 45 nm) (P7350,P8x00)

Intel Core 2 Duo – Penryn (standard-voltage, 45 nm) (T9x00)

RAM: Up to 8GB 1066Mhz DDR3

Screen Size: 14.1″ WXGA or WXGA+ Widescreen

Operating System:

Microsoft Windows Vista 32bit

Microsoft Windows Vista 64bit

Microsoft Windows XP

Battery Life:

4-cell: starting at 4.3hr

6-cell: starting at 6.5hr

9-cell: starting at 9.8hr

9-cell + bay battery: starting at 13.0hr


Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 4500MHD

ATI Mobility Radeon 3470


The ThinkPad T400’s interface is very user-friendly. Its touchpad is very sensitive and highly responsive. It makes one feel that he or she is using an external mouse. The keyboard of the T400 makes for an easy typing experience. One can complete his or her work trouble-free.

The Lenovo T400 has a liquid drain system, which is also a staple in all ThinkPads. Its main function is to make the keyboard waterproof. Let’s put it this way. If you spill liquid like water, coffee or soda, you might panic as you just spoiled your keyboard. Not to worry, the liquid drain system has it all covered. If that happens, just let your laptop be, turn it off, and wait for the drainage system to start working. Longevity is synonymous with Lenovo ThinkPads.

Lenovo is also very considerate of the user’s need when working in outdoor situations. Thus, Lenovo designed the Lenovo T400 with light-emitting diodes that provide backlight to the LCD screen when the need arises. Sunlight will not be an issue when using the Lenovo ThinkPad T400. Glare is minimized, so you can work and view pictures all you want without hassle.

The average laptop user can certainly be satisfied with the features offered in the ThinkPad T400. It is very user-friendly, can adapt to various environmental conditions and its processor is very powerful.


Even if the LED helps one see the screen in complete sunlight, this same benefit can also be an inconvenience, although minor. The ThinkPad T400 has another feature: the ThinkLight. This ThinkLight illuminates the keyboard in situations were there is little or very low light. It can be too glaring when the bright monitor is viewed in very dark surroundings.

Even if the ThinkPad T400 has an array of specifications and its performance is top-notch, upgrading your unit or getting new performance-enhancing components would be quite difficult. It would take great effort to unscrew the case and exposing its parts for one to upgrade its system.

The ThinkPad T400 cannot be hooked up to a high-definition TV for a mind-blowing and enjoyable viewing of videos and movies. This is one drawback that puts off many potential buyers. While there is actually a VGA output option, the experience is not quite the same as accessing an HD output.


Impressive is one word to describe the Lenovo ThinkPad T400. Its revolutionary drain system compensates for all its other flaws as it promotes the longevity of your unit. Its other features make you also want to overlook its flaws, which are mainly the glaring ThinkLight and the absence of HDTV output. For $1,300-$1,500, this laptop can be yours and you can experience for yourself what many consumers have been raving about.