Tablet Vs Laptop

Despite the fact that you can now browse the internet, play games, watch videos, edit and view photo’s, and listen to music while lounging at the pool, laying in bed, travelling on the bus or train, or basically anywhere you want, there are still a few key things that prevents laptops from going obsolete.

Price: laptops are generally still cheaper than tablets, especially when looking at high-end tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, etc.

Input speed: using a traditional keyboard for typing is still faster and more effective than using a virtual keyboard, especially with high volume typing workloads.

Ergonomics: although a tablet can be operated with one hand, it does not provide room for a wrist rest like a laptop does. The user also needs to constantly move their arm when operating the tablet, which could become tiresome.

Video capabilities: where laptop computers have discrete graphic cards, most tablets have embedded graphics processors. According to those who know, the quality of graphics of the graphics card and graphics processor are not yet on the same level. So a graphics card still produces better graphics.

Processor speed: tablets still have a long way to go to compete with the processor speeds of many laptop computers.

Folder management: tablets are not yet as folder orientated as laptop computers are. Anyone who uses a computer for work and business knows of the importance of folders and good folder management.

CD/DVD: tablets don’t have CD or DVD ROMs, and they don’t have CD or DVD writers either. If you intend to use your tablet to watch movies, you’ll first have to get the movies on the flash memory or an external device that the tablet can read from. If the tablet can take an external flash memory card, you can copy the DVD to the memory card using your laptop. You can also not install anything from a CD or DVD meant for a PC or laptop computer, even if you can get it on the flash memory of the tablet. Programs that are meant for laptops and PC’s don’t work on tablets, because they require a different operating system like Windows / Linux / Mac OS.

Windows: this is maybe one of the most important reasons to keep your laptop. Only Windows tablets do Windows, and they are rather expensive and not as popular or polished as the other high-end tablets. So if you want to use Microsoft products like Office, then a tablet is not the best computer to use.