Replacing Your Broken Computer

Replacing your broken computer can be simple as long as you know what you are looking for. Expensive does not always mean it is worth it, and cheap does not always mean it will be liable to break.

What type of computer user are you?

A few types of computer users are:


-On-the-go Businessman/Businesswoman

– Hard-core Gamer

– Casual Gamer

– Mobile Gamer

Looking for A Gaming Desktop

Buying a gaming desktop is definitely going to be your most expensive buy out of the available types. It relies on having a powerful… EVERYTHING. You will want at least 4+ gigs of RAM, ~ 3.0 Ghz dual-core processor, a high-powered graphics card, and a hard drive with plenty of space to store all of those games. A decent-sized display is also a plus but not required to run those heavy-hitting computer games. These types of computers can range from $800 to a few grand. Really, though, there is no ceiling on how much money a gaming rig can cost. In some situations it would be better to buy it piece by piece. Alienware is an example of a gaming computer brand.

Looking for a Middle-of-the-Road Computer

If you are the type of person that occasionally plays games but you do not care to have it running as smooth as a baby’s bottom you can probably find a gaming desktop or a laptop for around $500-900. This is nowhere near as cheap as laptops or desktops come, but it will suffice, and you will be surprised at how many games run smoothly. Games such as Left 4 Dead 2 and Team Fortress 2 will play fine on rigs of this level. HP and Dell make these types of computers as well as other types.

Looking for a Durable Laptop

These computers still would not fall in the “laptops under 500 dollars” bracket. A Toshiba Tecra laptop is designed for someone who constantly travels. The laptops are built sturdy, so it can withstand the punishment of everyday life. They have stats similar to the middle-of-the-road laptops.