Laptop Computers – Why You Should Not Buy a Desktop Model

Computers are by far the best invention of the 20th century and remarkable improvements have already been made to them in the first decade of the 21st century. They used to be big when they were first invented but now a computer can be easily kept safe in a medium size pocket. The world has changed dramatically in recent years and it is not feasible for anyone to stay at one place and work on the desktop model for any length of time. The portability of laptops has made them the most obvious choice of professionals.

Here are a few advantages of a laptop computer over a desktop model.


The greatest advantage is that you do not have to sit at your home or office and worry about finishing your work. You can take these portable machines with you anywhere you want and will never miss out on the fun.

Freedom from Wires

Can you count the number of wires that go into and come out of a desktop computer? A laptop computer does not need a single wire and can run all the multimedia applications like speakers, microphone and webcam.

Compact Size

You can use the table you built for your desktop computer for some other purpose as a laptop requires as much space as a book does and delivers the same performance as a desktop PC.

Power Supply Problems Solved

If power supply is a problem in your area and you experience power failures every now and then that hinder your work at a desktop computer, then laptops are the ultimate solution to your problem. You can charge the battery of a laptop once and can work for hours without fear of power failures.

Improved Efficiency

Laptops are built for ease of use and they increase your work speed as well. Most laptops have touch- ready operating systems installed on them. You just press the power button and the system is ready for use. You do need to ‘shut down’ or ‘hibernate’ your laptop computer if you want to take a break for a short time. You can merely close the lid and the laptop will go in ‘sleep’ mode and will be ready to use as soon as you open the lid.

These are some of the major advantages a laptop computer has over a desktop model and these advantages make these computers the inevitable choice for consumers.