How To Choose The Perfect Laptop

There are not just few laptop manufacturers on the market, and they are all pretending to be the best.

However the lower price of the laptops makes them particularly popular. The wide range of models with different specifications may seem really confusing for everyone when choosing a laptop. That’s why it is important to find the right solution for the customer’s requirements.

In the next few steps we will look at the different classes of notebooks and laptops and how to make the optimal choice.

Portability: One of the biggest advantages of the laptop is the portability. Nowadays, most laptops have a weight of 2-3kg. However, the screen size may vary.

Between 8 and 10″, the laptops are weighing about 1.5kg – these are the most portable laptops (also called notebooks) on the market. Such models are the following – ASUS eeePC, Acer Aspire One, Toshiba NB100, Dell Mini and etc.

The laptops between 11 and 13″ are also called business laptops. These are the perfect solution for every businessman. They usually weight between 1 and 2 kg. The most famous one in this area is the Macbook Air, which is available at 11″and 13″. Next to it stands the Acer’s ultrabook – Aspire S3 with the weight of 1.4kg.

The laptops mentioned above are the most portable ones. Everything exceeding these sizes is considered as not so portable.

Performance: Years ago, the laptops are seen as an expensive and poor investment, due to their high cost and weak performance. However, it has been in the past and many things have changed. Ultra portable technologies have been developed, allowing the laptop many advantages.

You should consider choosing a laptop with high performance if you will be playing games, rendering videos, 3d, and such activities.

In order to choose a laptop with high performance, you should be looking for an Intel Core i5 processor (or better) and separated graphics card (such as ATI or nVidia). Integrated video cards like Intel HD 3000 won’t be the perfect solution if you are going to run heavy processes.

Entertainment: As we said, the development of the technologies is directly thanks to the powerful processors, graphics cards and large amounts of memory. Laptops are the perfect devices for watching movies and videos, listening to music, chatting with friends, browsing the Internet without worries, and many more activities.

If you are about to choose a laptop for entertainment, you should be looking at its size, quality of materials and quality of screen. Of course, the hardware is also important, but since most of the new laptops are well-developed, you shouldn’t worry about it. For example, it is not a problem if you consider choosing a laptop with an integrated video card – you will still be able to do everything related to entertainment.