How to Speed Up a Laptop – Best Three Methods to Get Fast Laptop Speed

Are you frustrated by your slowing down laptop? Have you been waiting for a long time for laptop responding? Do you expect new one to get fast laptop speed? There are best methods about how to speed up laptop. Except for viruses haunting in the system, slow laptop should be mainly blamed for too many staff hidden in your laptop. Therefore, you will learn how to simplify it from outside to inside so as to get fast laptop speed.

#1 Reduce the number of icons on the desktop.

Have you found that there are excessive shortcut icons on your laptop which you seldom use them? It is no doubt that shortcuts are quite useful to start up a program, but laptop has to take a risk of slow boot-up. This is because computer needs to detect all the shortcut icons before entering working interface. As a result, it is best to categorize them properly or remove some without more ado.

#2 Reduce junk files in the laptop.

How long do you use your laptop? Do you like to download a bunch of movies, songs, or pictures? If so, there must be a mess of junk files which are the main resources of slow laptop. Please go to C drive and delete those temporary, old, history files and cookies, as well as to Internet Explorer. After getting rid of them, you can enjoy fast laptop speed easily.

#3 Reduce the size of registry.

Every time you install or uninstall software, certain affiliated files are put or left in the registry. Therefore, it blocks fast laptop due to corrupted, damaged and broken files in the registry. The increasingly bulky registry slows down laptop speed. What you need to do is to find useful registry cleaner to wipe out all these rubbish of the registry.