How to Replace a Laptop Hard Drive

Although, the laptop systems are not much upgradable as compared to the desktop system; nevertheless, this does not mean that you are unable to upgrade your laptop whenever it is required. Hard disk, which is commonly known as the system’s hard drive, is one of the most significant and essential laptop components that can be upgraded with extreme convenience and ease. You can upgrade or replace a laptop Hard Drive, especially when you need to have more storage capacity; or in case, the drive of your laptop has been out of order or damaged.

Following are some of the steps that you can opt for while you are considering replacing your laptop’s hard drive successfully. You will be requiring few essential things such as a Screwdriver, the new laptop drive, and obviously a Laptop.

Firstly, place your laptop upside down which is below the keyboard. There at the bottom of this edge, you will be able to see two panels. Mostly this area is protected with small screws. While you have a look at them closely, you will see that these points are labeled; and you are actually looking rectangular encasing, and this panel is usually on the right side of your laptop. After this, you need to unscrew the screws. Once you remove the screws, you will be able to easily slide the panels of the laptop. Now, you will be able to see that the hard disk is plugged in to the panel that slides out, which means that it will be coming out with the panels as it is removed. You need to make sure that you are removing the hard drive carefully from the particular location which is on the panel slide. Now, you can take the new drive and plug it at the place where the prior hard drive was located, ensuring that you are plugging it correctly. We all know that fact that the laptop hard drivers are thinner than the hard drives integrated with the desktop systems, and for this reason, you need to make sure that you do not damage the hard drive while you are placing and plugging it. After placing it, you need to slide the panel back, press it to make sure that it is connected properly. Once you are done with placement, your new hard drive will be connected your laptop and ready to make use of. Then you need to reinsert the screws. This will be helpful in securing the hard drive panel, keeping your hard drive saved and protected from all kinds of accidents that may make you lose of the significant data you have on it.

On the other hand, now portable drives with huge storage capacities are available, you can connect these hard drivers to your laptops via USB and this is one of the best means via which you can easily add greater storage. You need to make sure that your laptop is turned off before you remove or happen to install any new components.