5 Reasons to Use Promotional Gifts in Your Marketing

Do you want to build your brand and spend less doing it than your competitors?

Of course you do and that is where promotional gifts come in. You see, there are few ways to promote your business less expensively than with promotional gifts. Even social marketing and networking can be much more expensive if you are not doing it yourself.

I have been in the promotional merchandise industry for over 20 years and I have seen trends and new technologies come and go all along the way. But one thing has not changed and that is the appreciation and long term advertising you receive when you use promotional products to promote your business.

Five reasons why you need to consider using promotional products is not enough. Following are five solid reasons together with advice as to how you can get the best value for your money.

1.) Cost

Let’s say you purchase your top 10 customers good quality desk clocks for around 12.00 each. Those quality clocks will most likely be kept for years. They are useful, required, attractive and substantial. Spread the price over a few years and you will see that you can promote you business for pennies per day!

2.) Everyone Loves Free Stuff

This is a fact. Everyone loves receiving free things especially if those free things serve a purpose. You could give desktop pen holders to store pens and pencils and keep the desk tidy. You could give away gift pens to put in the pen pots. Get the idea? Look around you desk and you will get a good idea of what your clients and employees will find useful.

3.) Most Good Promotional Items Fulfill a Need

Useful Gifts are Batman – Gimmicky Gifts are Robin

Gimmicky gifts such as glow in the dark cheap pens and printed Whoopie cushions may be fun for a while but they do not have the staying power. Look for useful gifts that your customers will want to own and use such as plastic pens, note pads, mouse mats and letter openers.

4.) Promotional Gifts are Subtle

Giving gifts that are attractive and useful is not an in your face, interruption based form of marketing such as TV commercials and those annoying sales calls. Logo branded gifts can sit nicely on the desktop without being in your customers’ face.

5.) Gift Giving is Fun

It is just as fun to be on the giving end as it is to be on the receiving end. Giving your customer good quality low cost or executive gifts will make them feel appreciated. Who doesn’t want to feel appreciated? In this way you can build strong business relationships and friendships.