How to Connect a Laptop to a Desktop Computer

Need to transfer some files from your laptop to your desktop computer without having to manually download files? You can if your computers are using the same network.

If both your computers are connected to the internet, you can create a local area network by installing router. Your best choice is to go for wireless routers so you can have remote access. Make sure both your computer and your laptop are wireless ready. Most laptops are wireless ready but you have to check your desktop if it has built-in wireless card. If not you should have it installed.

Step 1: Choose a reliable router. It should have security functions and other nifty features. This will also allow you to create a local area network to enable file sharing.

Step 2: Connect your internet adaptor to the internet port at the back of the router. If it lights up, it is picking internet signal. After doing that, you are now ready to install.

Step 3: Place the CD of the router your bought in your CD-rom and run it. Follow the steps provided by the manual. It may need a few information such as IP address, subnet mask and others but these are all in your manual. Once you have configured the settings, you can now set up a network.

Step 4: Click the Network icon on your desktop or go to the control panel and click Network and Sharing center. There is no need to do this if you are using Windows 7 or Windows Vista for both your computers as these operating systems already have the ability to set up local area network on its own. You can click set up new connection or network. It will detect the wireless computers you have at home.

Step 5: Once you have set up already a network, you can now share files. On the computer source, right click the files you want to remotely share and click Properties. Next click the Sharing tab. Click the advanced sharing button and then put a check mark on the “share this folder” button. Afterwards, click OK. You should see your file with a hand underneath it.

Step 6: On the computer you want to access it from, open network and then choose the name of your other computer. You should immediately see the shared files there. Transfer it, copy it, whatever you want to do with it.