Does Every Household Need a Portable Laptop Printer?

Every household needs a printer. However, not every household needs a portable laptop printer. Portable printers offer benefits especially for those who travel a lot. However, these printers may not be as effective as desktop printers may when we’re talking about home usage. Having portable printers may have their advantages. In this article, we will focus on what both machines can offer.

A portable laptop printer is advantageous in terms of its size. They are much smaller compared to desktop printers. They are a lot easier to store and you can carry them around conveniently. A desktop printer needs to be allocated space and frequent moving is not ideal. Because these printers are heavy by design, no good can come from frequently moving them around the house.

The main advantage of portable printers have over desktop printers is their portability. Because of their size and construction, they are meant to be taken places. This offers the convenience of having a printer even when you’re on a business trip. If you’re going places where you are not familiar with, you may lose a lot of time looking for computer shops. If you have your own portable laptop printer, you can just plug it to your laptop and you’re ready for printing. However, when it comes to household printing, this is not much of an advantage.

One danger of having portable printers in the house is that they can easily be moved. We have discussed this to be an advantage but in some cases, it is not. If you have kids in the house, they may find these gadgets very easy to move and may play with it. This is why it is important to store these kinds of gadgets properly. Kids cannot move desktop printers as easily since they are heavier.

In terms of performance, desktop printers are a lot faster than mobile printers are. Normally, desktop printers operate at speeds around 35 pages per minute. The fastest mobile printer can only print up to 22ppm. If you have a lot to print, then the speed difference will certainly be noticeable. In terms of print quality, both printers should equally be capable of printing the same high-resolution photos and crisp text. However, that depends on the model that you have.

Not all portable printers are equipped to take on heavy jobs. Unlike desktop printers that have paper trays that can hold hundreds of papers, portable printers can only hold a few, the highest being fifty. Some portable models don’t even have paper trays. This means that you have to insert the pages individually in order to print. Desktop printers overcome this one problem.

Portable printers may offer some advantages though. In terms of energy saving, portable printers have lesser energy consumption since their parts are smaller than desktop printers are. For some models, you can even make use of their internal battery.

Having a portable laptop printer certainly has its advantages that sometimes people who already have desktop printers still buy laptop printers. It may seem costly in some perspective but if the advantages of having both outweigh the disadvantages, then it is money well spent.