4 Reasons to Purchase a Laptop Instead of a Desktop Computer

Many people have become so accustomed to using a desktop computer that they don’t consider a laptop when go shopping for a new computer. Laptop computers, also known as notebook computers, have a number of features that make them more useful than your traditional desktop. Here are four reasons you should consider a laptop the next time you are computer shopping.

Maximum Portability and Mobility

Mobility is probably the most attractive feature of laptops. Because they can be transported so easily, you can work on your laptop at the local coffee shop or in bed before you go to sleep. Assuming you have a home wireless network setup, you can use your laptop to browse the internet anywhere in your home. Even still, if you prefer to work at a desk, you can set your laptop up on your desk just like a desktop. You could also add additional accessories like a keyboard and mouse to almost entirely replicate the desktop experience.

Lighter Weight and More Compact

Older laptop models used to be bulky, heavy, and a hassle to carry around. Today’s laptops are incredibly light and compact. The newest models of netbooks can weight as little as 1 pound. The average laptop computer on the market today weighs about half of what the standard model did 10 years ago. Long gone are the days of getting shoulder and back pain just from lugging around your laptop computer from one place to the next.

Models to Fit Any Budget

Not too long ago, laptops were strictly a luxury item reserved for those with ample money to spend. Now, there is a laptop to fit just about everyone’s budget. You will find many laptops and netbooks at prices often lower than desktops. Many laptop models can be purchased for around $400, while a number of netbooks can be purchased in the $200-300 range. Of course, you still have your high-end laptops costing over $1000, but the average computer user does not need a laptop of this capacity.

More Power and Improved Computing

The downside to using laptop computers has long been their small capacity hard drives, limited RAM, and minimal battery lives. Fortunately, things have changed as many laptops now pack as much computing power as desktops. Most laptops today will offer sufficient RAM, an extended battery life, and enough hard drive space to accommodate most anyone’s storage needs.

Considering the advantages laptop offer over desktop computers, it would make sense to at least try one out before your next computer purchase. Once you have seen firsthand all that a laptop can do, it might be difficult to go back to your old desktop.