The trend for gaming laptops is increasing. This is evident from the number of laptop manufacturers that present a series of gaming laptops with their own special names. In addition, more and more game tournaments are being held. The role of social media is also quite influential in increasing the importance of using laptops for gaming.


This phenomenon makes gaming laptops popular. In many online stores and retail specifically for laptops and computers, many are selling gaming laptops from various manufacturers with various variants. This number of variants will certainly make many people confused. Maybe including you. Therefore, so that you don’t go wrong in buying a gaming laptop, here Carisign presents 5 ways to choose a good and reliable gaming laptop.

1. Funds / Budget

Before buying, the most important way to choose a gaming laptop is to prepare the funds first. The funds to buy a gaming laptop are quite high. Generally from 10 million and above. Well, if you have an estimated fund of under 10 million, you should think about it first. If not save first. If you don’t have a problem with the funds to buy a gaming laptop, then you don’t need to pay attention to this point.

2. Pay attention to the VGA type on the laptop

The next tip is to pay attention to the VGA or graphics card used on a gaming laptop. For this point you should focus on VGA technology and on the VGA series. Don’t focus on VRAM or memory on VGA. Although VRAM for gaming is also important, VRAM has more influence on graphic designers than gaming

Next pay attention to the VGA series. Generally the first number is the serial numbering of the VGA generation. For example NVIDIA GeForce 920M. The number 9 is the VGA generation that was developed, meaning that the VGA is the 9th generation. The last two numbers, “20”, indicate some kind of performance score.

3. Processor Used

Processors that have integrated graphics, of course, can work alternately with the graphics card on the laptop. For example, for playing games, the graphics card works, but for the typing process, the graphics processor on the processor will work. This system will certainly make the laptop work more effectively and efficiently.

Therefore, choose a processor that has good performance and of course the processor is the latest generation. One thing to keep in mind is not to choose a laptop for gaming with a ULV type processor or a power-efficient processor because of course it will not be optimal.

4. RAM on Laptop

The average game today requires more RAM, at least 4GB of RAM. Generally good games require 8GB RAM specifications. For this reason, choose a laptop that has a minimum of 8GB of RAM. Thankfully, there are funds that prefer 16GB of RAM.

If funds are limited, you can buy 4GB RAM. But make sure there are additional slots. The point is, if you have funds later, you can add RAM, either 4GB RAM or 8GB RAM.

5. Laptop Design

Design and dimensions are important things that you also need to consider in choosing a laptop. Why is this important? First, because even though sometimes the specifications are gahar , but the weight is heavy and the design is not good, of course it will make you not like it.

Pay attention to the design of the gaming laptop. Also find out the weight and dimensions. This is important, why? If you travel a lot and need a gaming laptop, of course you need to look for a gaming laptop with a slightly thinner or more portable design. If you are at home more often, of course buying a laptop with a heavier weight is also not too much of a problem.