Whether you are planning to remodel a small bathroom or your entire house, without a plan, your project can easily become overwhelming. Here are three things to consider before getting started.

Creating a Budget

In order to create a budget, you will need to do a little research. You need to know what materials you will need and how much they cost. If you plan to hire a contractor, get estimates from local companies. Materials and labor aren’t the only costs to consider, though. You don’t want to overlook the costs of clean up. Larger projects have the need for front load containers Florida or other types of garbage removal. After figuring out how much the project will cost, you should budget about 10% more to account for any extra unexpected costs.  

Setting a Timeline

No one starts a project planning to never finish it. It’s always best to start by choosing a specific date you would like to be finished. Then, set reasonable goals as to how long each step will take to complete. If you are hiring a contractor, set clear deadlines. Once you have your end goal and how long each step will take, you can determine when your start date should be. Allow for unexpected delays such as delayed shipping and delivery of materials or holidays.

Preparing Your Home for Renovation

Do you have space to move furniture to another room, or will you need to rent a storage unit while you complete the project? If you are redoing a bathroom, do you have another bathroom you can use, or will you still need to be able to use the one you are renovating? Whatever the case may be, prepping each room for the renovation is an important part to plan for before you get started.

Remodeling your home might seem overwhelming, but if you prepare, the end result will be worth it!