In the modern digital age, where so much is stored and sent online, it would make sense that printers would become obsolete. However, this is far from the case. Printers remain relevant to business and home life. They can be found in homes, schools, libraries and work places. There are even professional printing companies that offer printing services Fairfax County VA. What exactly does this entail, though? Here are three of the many kinds of printing offered by printing companies.

1. Web Offset

Web offset printing is one type of printing service printing companies can specialize in. Web offset printing involves feeding a whole roll of paper continuously to the printer then cutting or folding it into sections after printing is complete. It can produce quality large scale printing on a consistent level. Web offset printing is also cost effective and fast.

2. Sheet-fed

Sheet-fed printing is the opposite of web offset printing. In this type of printing, a single sheet of paper is fed to the printer at a time. It is commonly used in non-professional printing and for smaller projects such as printing stationary, business cards, brochures, flyers and business forms. Sheet-fed printing comes with a variety of options and requires considerably less manpower than web offset printing, though it is also slower. Many professional printer companies do not handle sheet-fed projects because of their smaller scale.

3. Digital

Digital printing is printing off of digital files. It allows you to print from the internet or from a digital device like a computer in smaller amounts. However, it is also lower quality than web offset or sheet-fed printing. While some professional businesses do offer digital printing services, many people also have small printers in their own home for digital printing.

There are more kinds of printing than the three discussed here, but these are commonly seen ones.